Don’t be scared to be pro-Brexit and against Globalization: the globalists, if you saw them, you would feel superior to them. All the roads of globalization bring to Rome and disgusting catholic gay clergy who hide and pretend and humanly they are a failure.

ewsmask When Alex Jones says “Hillary you are a devil worshipper” or “the globalists are devil worshippers” some may think he’s saying “devil worshipper” to insult. No. He means devil worshipper. He skips the jewish lobby only because he has some jewish relatives and I may understand him, but jumping the jewish ring in the chain of hierarchy of the globalists and jumping to the devil worshippers may make people lose a piece of the story and not understand the entire plot. Now, let’s give a scheme of the plot, sparing no one, because no one deserves being spared and because we haven’t got all the time to be soft since these lost souls jews and catholics & Co. are so much in a hurry to destroy us we must be pitiless to stop them being cruel. If Alex and some jewish anti-globalists can feel consoled, I saw one after the other the italian catholic intellectuals abandon “pope Francis” and declaring that yes, the head of this anti-christian plot is really “on the throne of Peter” people who till yesterday quarreled against anyone who dared and say anything of the kind, so don’t be offended If I say Tel Aviv or Rome, we haven’t got time to be kind.

Basically in the Vatican there is the head and in Tel Aviv there is the “right arm” of the Illuminati.

Do you need a Saint? I give you the Saint, a pope, so non one gets offended, Pope Leo XIII author of an exorcism, exorcist himself and gifted with the Holy Spirit of Prophecy, this is what he, a pope in the Vatican saw in vision: Saint Peter’s Cathedral assaulted by demons and the Anti-Christ putting his throne on the throne of Peter:

“Here’s the Church, Bride of the Immaculate Lamb, saturated with bitterness and watered with poison by very cunning enemies; they put their unholy hands on everything that is most sacred. There where the seat of the blessed Peter and the chair of the Truth were established, there they put the throne of their abomination and impiety; so that, hit the pastor, the flock could be dispersed”

Leo XIII (pope from 1878 to 1903)

We must thank our Lord Jesus Christ that He gave us a Pope to testify what the Anti-Christ would do in the Vatican, and not only in Rome, also in Jerusalem, because the Devil is envious of God and God privileged Jerusalem and Rome so also the Anti Christ wanted both of the towns.

This is the Hierarchy of the Illuminati – which in reality are satanists – according to what we now till now:

  1. Satanic Cardinals in the Vatican.
  2. Jewish bankers, namely the Rothschilds, who run together with the Vatican the IOR the international vatican bank.
  3. Marxist Jews who take orders from Rothschild and run the lefty press.
  4. Non jewish masons, like Renzi, who take orders from the above level.

Here explained how it works, the satanic cardinals organize gay orgies because they are gays and hate straight guys, they give the agenda of the LGBT and mass immigration to Rothschild; Rothschild passes the agenda to prominent marxist Jews; the marxist Jews organize the diffusion of the gay and anti-nationalist agenda through the lefty media, journalists who disagree get sacked: remember by them it’s all dogmatic, unquestionable like inverted ctaholic dogmas because they come from the same people and these people are used like this; They, the major marxist Jews contact through freemasonry christian or anyway non jewish politicians and lawyers, mainly judges and do the initiation ritual to see if they fit for promoting the agenda at a political level and once these people are given the job and are supported through the marxist media then they must obey in detail like Renzi or Tony Blair, it is for example said that the prominent marxist Jew who “caught” Renzi is Carlo DeBenedetti while Lord Mandelson is the “godfather” of Tony Blair, Mandelson and Debenedetti refer directly to Lord Rothschild who refers to the Vatican. If these “chosen” and accepted politicians change their minds and disobey they’re treated very badly, like traitors of the NWO, this is how Berlusconi and Vladimir Putin were treated because they did disobey once become powerful.

Israel, the State of Israel, the Mossad are controlled by Rothschild and all Mossad agents know that they often are requested things and operations that do not consist in the defense of Israel and/or are not related to Israel’s security in any way unless they want to lie to themselves. In Israel the situation of tension and the lack of peace is probably kept on purpose to have the soldiers and the agents ready to kill at any moment.

Most Israelis and most catholics believe the official version of the story, until they get very high in the hierarchy. Even if now the castle of lies is crumbling and will crumble probably entirely.

This is why there’s an astonishing number of Jews acting for the NWO.

The catholic cardinals didn’t want a catholic banker administering their own finances I suppose a) for shame, they do vow of chastity and poverty but they want money, b) a catholic initiated to such high rituals may once repented as catholics usually do confess everything to the first priest of a miserable countryside parish he meets and this is another “unbearable shame” for the cardinals who, as you can see with Bergoglio even try to look like saints.

But remember this little revealing detail: it was the pope to prohibit to the catholics to do the job as bankers so it’s a pope who excluded the catholics from the high finance and this is the only reason why the Jews have such a dominant position at a high financial level. The pope did something “against” the economic interest of the catholics and why? It is a sin to be a usurer, but to be a banker in itself is not a sin, even Jesus Christ in a parable, the parable about the talents, says to the one who had only one talent “You could have given the talent I gave you to the bankers and give it back to me with the interests”, but the pope doesn’t want catholic bankers around his feet and does something “weird”. It’s all initiations after initiations to reach the devil worshippers and the “Illuminati” level, and all of these initiations are still not deemed enough, the pope prohibits to the catholics who have done the sin of entering freemasonry to confess with a normal priest, they must confess it directly with the Pope which is almost impossible, then the rule was watered down in case of being on the verge of death finally the poor catholic mason can confess with a “basic” normal priest. It’s like the cardinals scared of their own sacraments: they don’t want normal priests to know what’s happening in Rome. So better to take the Jews and put the catholics aside from it, remember that in the hierarchy above there are two big degrees of Jews between the first catholic or christian mason and the Vatican, it’s like they don’t want to be reached and put the Jews in front of the NWO stage, and it’s really Jews, also George Soros is a Jew also for example the shameful Barbara Spectre who even claimed “yes, it’s we the Jews who are doing this and we will be resented” and if you consider how strange sounds this self accusation, who would accuse oneself and her own ethnic-religious group like this? But probably, if a person who can ask her, asked she would say she was ordered to declare the jewish hand behind the NWO. In those ambients it’s all obedience. The strange “confession” starts at min. 1:00

Would you do it? It may be in the pact with Lord Rothschild that the Jews “accept” to put the face and the “signature” on it, on the satanic pro LGBT NWO. I wouldn’t accept, but I don’t accept many things.

Remember this particular: among the Jews the homosexuals are just the same percentage as in other ethnicities or religious groups, it’s among the catholic clergy that they have this high number of gays, it’s they who are obsessive with chastity/sex/sodomy. And don’t you believe not even for one second that the catholic clergy was really against abortions or gay weddings, at least the high clergy did everything to stop and punish the normal priests from talking too much against it, using the very same vow of obedience inside the Church, to prohibit to priests and nouns to even name freemasonry in the debates against abortions, in Italy some priests had started accusing the masons directly for plotting the legalization of abortion and it was their own catholic bishops who prohibited, using the vow of obedience, to name freemasonry in the debates. That’s it. Not only, a priest who was particularly effective against third wave feminists and did funerals to aborted babies was removed from office by the bishop.

Can you see it?

Some priests were in good faith but this story of the catholic high clergy playing the illuminati dates back long ago and now they seemingly have taken over the Vatican with Francis the wolf dressed like a lamb. Another detail that points finger against the Vatican is the use of the masks during the illuminati orgy. Have you ever seen a man, a laic man, really ashamed of going to the brothel? No. Laic men who go to the brothel they’re not ashamed, the masks are for the priests who want to have some kind of sex and don’t want the others to know it. I told you in the title: don’t be scared of being against the NWO, or pro Brexit – they hate it because they don’t control the parliament – or against LGBT perversion, with the due respect for the gays that must not be bullied all the rest is unacceptable and must not be accepted, everytime you are against the LGBT, NWO, marxist agenda, you are against a satanic priest. A person who’s a failure as a human. At that point you feel superior.

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