NEWS: Google puts 13 black people before the first white in the research for “european people art”. Home journalist reveals violence in the streets of Finland and tv lies – Videos –


The new internet journalists are the ones who give really the news, follow them. TV lies and the internet journalists reveal it destroying it.

Still asking yourself what the hell is going on? Well, if you want to know why all Europe and USA and other western nations are turning right wing watch these videos, in the first a journalist reveals that if you google “european people art” google search image section gives you 13 black people before the first white, this means that the illuminati want to really make the whites get used to see themselves as a minority in Europe – which thing we do not accept instead and vote Far-Right and f**k the Illuminati- and use also these tactics. Video

Even though google gave the explanation that there’s a miraculously potently famous blog that no one knew about that has the words “european people” in the title and shows a lot of black people in the images I know this is just an excuse because I know what google does with the pages of this blog, so they do it on purpose, don’t worry,’cause  in other search engines with the same key words my articles appear in the first page, once even in third place, with the search engine qwant, it was an article about a greek EU commissioner, while in google I don’t find them not even till the tenth page so please, they know what they’re doing, and for the rest the anti-white agenda, the BLM supported by jewish billionaires is all there to be seen and it is a big powerful boost for the right wing and very right wing parties everywhere. Apropos I hope Hofer will overwin in Austria on the 2nd of October. None of us is a masochist.

Another interesting news comes from Finland where the home journalist the Swan of Tuonela posted this video not only about migrants beating Finns in Finland, but also how television did not broadcast the images of the violent migrants, images that the migrants broadcasted by themselves to boast about them in internet and how they try to convince the Finns not to react when the immigrants attack them putting the blame on the Finns and denying the immigrants’s attacks even though they had seen the images. Watch the astonishing video.

These are the new journalists. This is what’s happening, television is made by a bunch of liars ruling the broadcasting companies, no one believes them and everywhere we rely on internet, on God and share the news. Well, Finns, vote True Finns, the Right wing Party.

We are democratic people, we want to solve the problems democratically, we must not follow the ones who say that to vote is useless and all parties are the same and do vote Right wing instead to take over our Parliaments and Institutions everywhere.

Remember as I do and many other non anglosaxon internet writers and broadcasters, Swedish, Finnish etc. to broadcast in english empowers the communication, we must communicate both inside and outside of the country. The native anglo-phones broadcast in english traditionally and as a whole we have become an international right wing super-power, we can take over basically everywhere and I mean it, we are already winning one electoral test after the other, in the anglosaxon countries more often because of the language, but the anglosaxons traditionally “lead” the change, the rest of Europe is turning right wing and anti-globalist too.

We are christians, Jesus will help us, we have nothing against the black, but what they’re doing against the whites is immoral and unacceptable, and it is also a bit disturbing, because I know it’s not the black who are doing it, it’s all marxist Jews and satanic cardinals in Rome in the Illuminati headquarter that has become, unfortunately, the Vatican.

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