Tell me if this doesn’t mean it’s not the europeans who run the EU: No one wants russian sanctions at a national level, but the EU, whatever it is,  keeps them. Dusseldorf, Moscow ‘Maintain Bilateral Ties’ Despite Sanctions

The smoking gun, the proven evidence that the EU, whatever the EU really is, is not run by the europeans or their representatives for the europeans’ interests is the russian sanctions: no one wants them at a national level, neither Italy, nor France, nor Germany nor Holland, but the EU whatever the EU at this point is, keeps them. Can you explain this to me, please?

Relations between Russia and Germany should further be developed despite the current anti-Russian sanctions, Dusseldorf Mayor Thomas Geisel told Sputnik.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Dusseldorf, Moscow ‘Maintain Bilateral Ties’ Despite Sanctions

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