Amal Clooney resembles Cruella De Vil one day before turning really nasty. The human rights racket is another Illuminati tool.

Beautiful and sexy, but with something of Cruella DeVil one day before she turned really nasty, she must be careful this Amal Clooney and clarify to herself whether she really cares about the “values” or just wants a career as a human rights lawyer.

The new human rights of the high court of Strasbourg are almost always an illuminati tool used against illuminati’s enemies. Amal is the perfect woman-type, but for this illuminati kingdom: she wants to be a lawyer against freedom of speech, see the arrest of the negationist of the armenian genocide, and now wants to put on a trial “Assad”, well why, Amal, Assad and not Hillary Clinton? Or Obama? Or Netanyahu? Didn’t they tell you at the UN what they did in Libya, or in Syria? She wants to take on ISIS, but what will she do when she, who can speak arabic I suppose, turns into an israeli agent dressed like an islamist training the real muslims against Assad? Will she drop it? And pretend not to understand? And why not consider Gaza or Benghazi, then?

Because the impression is that the human rights of those high courts so and so are just a racket against the enemies of the powerful. If you touch the wrong people or the wrong interests they start not inviting you anymore at their dinners, tea or garden parties and you’re just not jet setting anywhere any more and if you go further they go further too. The saudi Princes who flog women and bloggers pay Hillary Clinton to support “the right of women to wear the burqa” and not the way she should do, or Amal for that, the right of Saudi Arabian women not to wear it. Assad, it’s all about Assad, because if you accuse Rothschild’s enemy you’re still jet setting, what do you want more? Jet set and human rights. But life is not that easy, not if you take it seriously. Take on ISIS Amal, I want to see you. What will she do when she finds regular american, french and israeli soldiers raping and butchering and pretending to be arabs? Nothing.

The human rights of the UN or EU are not there for you, they’re there for Rothschild…”and if this doesn’t scare you, then nothing will”.

She looks like Cruella De Vil, but one day before becoming bad. How much will it last this age of innocence?

She is clever, but a psychologist would say there’s a degree of self-deception, she believes the stories she tells herself. Take on ISIS, or on Assad. I want to see how much can she pretend without breaking down.

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