The Alt-Right is anti-jewish and it’s got a right to be such: israid is an israeli charity that helps migrants reach Greece and explains to them how to go further. – Video-


jewish israeli hero helping refugees to Europe while killing them in Israel Palestine.

Our ancestors were anti-semitic because they were cleverer than the various friends of Israel or friends of the jews, the jews form a group of their own and fight against us.

The donors of such “charity” are an impressive huge number of israeli/jewish associations full of double nationals and all jews who gather the money for the pleasure of invading Europe with africans and asians because they hate us, all this while in Israel they kill Palestinians, remember that strange thing happening lately, of palestinian attackers who strangely attack with a knife an israeli armed with a gun machine and obviously the israeli armed with the gun machine prevails. First, it is not normal that a person attacks with a knife another person who’s got a gun, there’s no duel gun/knife, second in a video I saw an israeli soldier obliging a palestianian girl to take a knife to then try to shoot her and stopped when he saw the people recording the video. Netanyahu is a buffon, I am convinced there is something made up in these duels knife vs. gun machine.

Third, the jewish MP Ruth Smeeth is accused by Labour Party’s activists to be a Mossad agent, well I can tell you, if she’s a double national israeli/UK you bet she is a Mossad agent, the israelis are all spies: it’s not a normal country.

Look at the list of jewish people donating money to invade Europe while killing palestinians and occupying Palestine: I am antizionist and anti jewish. And I am right. Stop.

An interesting detail, COOP is an italian association related to Renzi’s and DeBenedetti’s Party PD, while Don Bosco is a catholic charity. The international rescue committee is David Miliband’s, obviously he’s another marxist jew, and financed by Soros, another marxist jew, and so on, jew per jew per jew equals “jews cube”.

We have a right not to trust the Jews and keep them at distance.

Why they do so? I tell you, because they are envious of our beautiful society they were never able to build anywhere while we built in Europe, Canada, USA and Australia and New Zealand, and they want to destroy ours for this reason. They are really evil, they are behind the Black Lives Matter, the invasion of Europe, support the invasion of burqas only because they want to destroy Europe. They also support Sadiq Khan, who said “get used to terror attacks”, like they are used to it in Israel, and are against Jeremy Corbyn. A new wave of real antisemitism has arrived and it’ll be destructive, for them.

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