Tanzania ditches Brussels, ah aha ah (laugh) Tanzania doesn’t want a special trade deal with EU…And justice for all.

People are rebelling to the EU dictatorial attitude towards trading everywhere, from Europe to Africa and the Caribbean, because any time you have a proposal of trade-deal with the EU in Brussels they want political power over your institutions – in Italy they pulled down an elected government, the last elected government we had – to make you enter the space of free trade or single market; while the very concept that to be able to trade you must surrender jurisdicial and political authority is twisted in itself and Nigel Farage is not the only one who thinks so, after Brexit the Caribbean and many african states refused the dictatorial EU partnership deal and wait for Theresa May to sign trade deals with them.

It appears a big snub in the face of the most pompous and vacuous of the institutions, almost everybody just wants to be free of the EU to trade with Britain, because once you are caught in the grip of the EU you cannot trade outside of it, it’s like a claw, I always despised both the quota system and the absurd russian embargo that damaged Italy so much, and once you are in the EU or under its control, you may be asked totally self destructive policies as obligatory, until you collapse like Greece, and they in Brussels don’t care. Mario Draghi goes on, like Juncker or Renzi or Mogherini with their dogmas of a wrong religion.

Tanzania rejected the EU trade partership proposal. Germany is waiting to see if Britain prospers outside of the EU to consider a German exit, Angela Merkel begged Theresa May not to trigger the mateiral exit before next general elections in Germany not to fuel AfD, but at this point I want to see the Brexit movie by Christmas, à la John Redwood, the quick version, Britain is perceived as very important and Theresa May should take the courage to just do it because before the material Brexit they may not be able to strike those new trade deals outside of the EU everybody’s waiting for.

This is the end of globalization. New chapter.

The Britannia is well dusted and polished again, accept your destiny and take on the waves.

DEVELOPING countries are set to dump controversial trade agreements with the European Union en masse following the Brexit vote, leading economists have said.

Source: European Union: EU trade with Africa and Caribbean, plus TTIP and CETA, in Brexit peril | World | News | Daily Express

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