‘Denmark is full’ – Stops accepting quota refugees – This is very sensible.

Finally politicians are turning their back both to the blatantly and shamelessly anti-western UN and also to the proposed quotas of Renzi that will probably never take place, Denmark risks to see the Danes become a minority in some areas and no longer helps the poor through the transportation into Denmark. I am very pleased. Well done.

It is a victory for the intellectual Right, to which I and Red ice belong, and it’s a victory for the political Right and a victory for the sensible socialists who don’t accept Sharia chaos and the destruction of the State in the name of fake values. Theresa May also refused the quotas.

Unfortunately Italy aka Renzi, Hollande- France and Spain accepted them, because they are leftists; this means it’s good and effective for us citizens to vote and support Right wing politicians because they do make the difference, I still hope Renzi and Valls stop taking immigrants…the Left, the multicultural thirdworldist Left is a “never again” in history.


Denmark no longer has any room for more immigrants from the Third World, and therefore the country stops receiving so-called quota refugees, the government announces.

Source: ‘Denmark is full’ – Stops accepting quota refugees

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