UK warned of ‘inferior’ EU deal to stop Brexit contagion. Translated: EU scared other countries understand membership is just a loss of money and sovereignty to gain nothing…

It is clear that Brexit will cause a “The king is naked” reaction, people will understand that to stay and to pay into the European Union is not a bargain, Italy has understood it, but Matteo Renzi is too much of a coward to take us out of it, basically we pay to:

have ridiculous quotas of production for many items we would sell outside had we not signed for those quotas;

not being able to sell to the Russian that used to be our first buyer for many products;

having to endure muslim countries invasion;

Not being able to deport unwanted migrants and terrorists, not even to Tunisia for breach of the human rights by the tunisian governemnt…

but having to endure tunisian products in competition with ours like olive oil for in one document Tunisia breaks the human rights, in another it doesn’t, always at italian expenses;

having to pay € 11 bl into the EU budget;

being reduced into a eurocrisis

plus auterity.

No we don’t need Brexit to understand we’d be better off outside of the EU. But a good Brexit would give a hand to make it clear also to the ones who are still tentative about an italian exit.

Britain can exit when it likes, it’s Theresa May that’s tentative for her own political reasons, these eurocrats with a Brexit can pack their bags, obviously the EU cannot survive the hard Brexit, and I tell you clearly: Germany and Holland wouldn’t accept any tariff in the import/export with Britain so they would put the relationship with Britain at a superior level than the one, useless, with Portugal, Spain – that are btw taking more migrants to please Obama as if this had a sense and they were not already bankrupt- so they would split from the big EU and join a single market with the UK. Ok?

It’s like this and Theresa seems not to want to take the responsibility to totally break the EU up, I would have already done it. The third way that would imply to still pay into the EU budget or even accept immigration form the EU imposed by Brussels is unacceptable in London, because it reveals that you have to pay to be able to sell into a market, but you lose more than if you put tariff, so you better not pay into the EU budget and put tariff, but Germany and Holland would not accept it and would split form the southern EU and form a trading bloc tariff free with the UK. The rest is political bluffing and it’s going on for too long.

BRITAIN should expect an “inferior” deal with the EU because countries suffering under the yolk of Brussels cannot allow the UK to end up “better off” than them, the man set to chair Brexit talks has said.

Source: Brexit: UK warned of ‘inferior’ EU deal to stop Brexit contagion | Politics | News | Daily Express

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