Say what you like, but if I were Assad I would never give in: it’s obvious they want to make him end up like Gaddafi and Gaddafi ended up very badly.


Bashar Al Assad legitimate President of Syria.

Why should Assad resign? To end up like Gaddafi? Clinton is cruel and Obama doesn’t care about anyone, Boris Johnson if he wants to do something he should go to Libya and repair the situation UK, USA and France did there, but it seems that once they have destroyed a regime and brutally murdered the president, they move on and don’t care any longer, to destroy another. It’s easy to make the list of supposed crimes perpetrated by Assad, the crimes perpetrated by Clinton, Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron are infinitely worse, the Russian president received basically death threats by the americans and Assad it’s evident they want him dead. Moreover the UK, US and Israel have no honour any more, they broke the ceasefire and put the blame on the others, Assad didn’t break it, they even had to admit it and said they killed syrian officers during the ceasefire by mistake for an exercitation, an exercitation in a real war zone, with real weapons… They think we’re stupid and Assad cannot give in and at this point, due to the amount of lies and due to the amount of regular israeli, american and french officers dressed like jihadis and ISIS fighters found training terrorists in Syria and Iraq, he cannot even trust them any longer, I wouldn’t trust them too, they really lie continuously, he has nothing to lose. Hillary Clinton is so cruel she would laugh in seeing him like Chris Stevens and Gaddafi, she is like this, a crazy, ill, almost sadistic person.

I think, with all of my efforts, the third world war has already started. And it’s the american administration’s and Israel ‘s fault, also the UK gives a hand, they are hypocrites but they know the truth, so I don’t want to look like a fool in front of the people who know.

I repeat: Boris Johnson, USA and France they have a moral obligation to go and repair what they did in Libya not to destroy Assad, they are evil.

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