I don’t care if the jews are object of racism by the muslims, they are bringing the muslims and I don’t pay for special security in their ghettos, they’ll never have peace ’cause Israel is just Lockheed Martin’s bitch.

Israel is a place that will never have peace, because Israel is there to grant Lockheed Martin’s continuous bribes by the american government per triangulation with Israel; it works like this:

American working people pay taxes to the federal government;

the federal government is therefore full with money;

Lockheed Martin wants that money;

They keep artificially instability in the Middle East,

Israel is in danger,

Netanyahu goes to the President of the USA and asks money, strictly, try and guess, for israeli security,

Lockheed Martin jumps from the chair where they are “Oh, dear, we produce security weapons… we can give you a lot but they cost, security has a price..”.

The President of the USA tells Israeli Prime Minister: “We give you a load of american taxpayers money for your security but you must spend half of them, if not all, buying the weapons by our dearest asset Lockheed Martin;

Israel says yes,

The President of the USA gives $38 bl to Israel for security and Israel gives them back to Lockheed Martin. It’s a mega bribe for this military industrial complex and …

With Hamas reduced at the fighting with knives, can you tell me why you need $ 38 bl heavy armaments to fight against a person with a knife?

The american taxpayers? They must be fed with stories about the Holocaust and Hamas, but lately the  bribed ones have become so greedy even the average american finds the figure a bit exaggerated and certainly not justifiable with Hamas. Hamas reduced to the point they don’t even have handguns like any american can have…and use the knives. Not even in the Middle Age…

So the rabbis and the fucking jewish leaders of the german communities who are scared of AfD really make me vomit, I don’t want all these fucking muslims and if your Israel is not a safe place it’s not our fault or AfD’s fault, they’ll never want peace in the Middle East and not even a safe two state solution, Israel is a cow to milk for the american military industrial complex. Peace is for free. Too much for free I’m afraid.

She looks a bit reptilian, doesn’t she?


Marylin Hewson Lockheed Martin’s CEO

So, let’s come back to the jews who are destroying Europe and USA and want open borders and more immigrants, I don’t give a damn, I won’t pay a penny for “special security” in their ghettos, because they wanted it, the angry muslims can stab them and I won’t be sorry, they are basically stupid, they think in Israel they have no peace for our fault, if they don’t do the two states, and they won’t do the two states, they’ll always drag on like this, and Lockheed will grow fat for their “security”…What do they want from us?

Shut the borders.

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