Yes, Donald Trump has solutions, the Left’s answer to terrorism is: “get used to it” which borders complicity with the terrorists, so why should we not vote Trump? PIERS MORGAN

“Get used to terrorism” is chilling as an answer to terror attacks, the fact that they the leftists don’t even say Islamic Terrorism, even though ISIS seems to mean “Islamic State of Iran and Syria” unless it means really “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service” as some think, well not to say “Islamic Terrorism” is a form of respect that borders complicity because they take immigrants, muslim immigrants, lots of them and bring them to our lands that have no ties with Islam whatsoever, it’s all the leftists taking them from where they are and bringing them to the West like high level human traffickers and don’t register them almost on purpose so to keep also the illegals  and defend burqas… why on earth should we not vote/support Trump? At least he’s  on our side. Unless they know that ISIS is not muslim… maybe, but they really want just gun control, bash on the whites and have it against us right wingers…no thanks, Hillary go to hell alone, as for the black americans who should vote Hillary for “respect for Obama”, Obama did nothing for them, the only black he helped it’s his wife and daughters and if the black want gun rights and control on immigration they must vote Trump too, he’s like me, we are not anti-racist, we are just a-racist, we don’t mind that much, people are people, some black are good some others are bad just like the whites, people who think differently either they are in bad faith or live on another planet.

Donald Trump’s a monster. A vile, hideous, bigoted, nasty, ignorant, deluded, psychotic, ruthless, preposterous, demented buffoon. I know this because I’ve been reading the US media.

Source: PIERS MORGAN: It doesn’t matter what names the mainstream media call Trump | Daily Mail Online

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