What the Fuck are the NGOs? We do not elect them, they are much more anti-democratic and elitist than any government and depend directly from globalist corporations. Ban the NGOs.


Amal Clooney wants to help the poor at taxpayers’ expenses…

Ban the NGOs tout court. The NGOs should be Non Governative Organizations, in reality they are AGO Anti-Governative Organizations or ADO Anti Democratic Organizations, independently from Amal Cloney an anorexic bitch married to an actor or even worse David Miliband, the NGOs are the opposite of what they want you to believe they are, infinitely more elitist and dependent from private corporations’ interests than any government they are against Democracy and against the people, in fact they all oppose right wing populism, that is us, and want our taxes to be spent on immigrants, the people who work for the NGOs receive a wage and at the top level they reach around $ 300.000 yearly, declared. The boss of the NGOs is always a capitalist super billionaire like George Soros or a banker like the Rothschild’s clan members, or Goldman Sachs.

What do they want?

They want globalisation, don’t be fooled, you cannot see one of them, whether it be Medicines sans Frontiers or Amnesty, protesting in front of the Bilderberg at the Bilderberg’s annual meeting because they depend from the Bilderberg and they have an active part in the globalization-plan pretending to be on the side of the poor while being only in reality on the side of the big bankers and corporations against the democracies and the democratic elected governments.

I understand the governments who ban the NGOs, Medicines Sans Frontiers in Italy does the human trafficker, with the excuse of helping and rescueing the poor migrants they pick up immigrants and land them to Italy leaving them at the expense of the italian state, Amnesty in the late seventies was on the side of the terrorist communist group Red Brigades that plotted to bring the italian state to leave the NATO and join Soviet Union. This is it, they are all communists, globalists, depending from Rothschild or some other anti-governative billionaires who are anti-governative because they want to rule in the place of the democratically elected governments, I believe the name NGO is a cover name for AGO, they are Anti-governative not simply non governative, in Africa they patronize the poor they help and even the Africans can’t stand them.

I believe the NGOs must be banned from our states’ affairs. We don’t want them, Amal fuck off and bring your bones somewhere else…

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