Pathetic Jews fear antisemitism, but fight against right wing parties: it’s their fault, you reap what you seed.

My previous post was titled “Europe belongs to us europeans not to this fucking man…pardon person” related to George Soros, out of respect for Breibart team that has many Jews and Milo who’s fighting against the invasion of Europe, in another day I could have referred to George Soros as a fucking Jew, like an astonishing number of globalists who are literally working at the project of filling Europe of immigrants, but they, the rabbis, at least these ones, they fight against the right wing parties, you know what? Take it in the bottom, you wanted it. Fuck off you too, what do you want? You are fucking fighting to have more immigrants and condemn right wing parties that want to block immigration, take them all at your Sinagogue’ s meetings I’m not sorry as long as you fight against the Right, because if Milo and Breitbart understand it…you rabbis should understand it too, or else…if you want more immigrants and less right wingers you should have the immigrants, all muslims, settled in your own jewish quarter of the town and the mosque built in front of your sinagogue so you learn be against the right wingers.

A survey found 70 per cent of Jews in Europe will avoid going to the synagogue on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur this year – despite increased security measures.

Source: European Jews ‘too afraid to go to synagogue’ on holy days | Daily Mail Online

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