Ever since there is the EU no one respects the Rule of Law, neither Italy nor France, not the Commission nor Germany. This is why the hard Brexit is safer.


The Empire of the Anarchy.

Merkel vs. Renzi, Renzi vs Merkel they’re both right, because they both didn’t respect the rules, Hungary Vs. the Commission? It’s right, the Commission in the name of the “EU Values” does not respect the treaties and the rules in defense of the national borders, Tsipras is totally illegal and no one cares, he’ll drown alone with all the immigrants he was convinced to take, he should have left them in Kos and sent them back to Turkey, no matter what Miliband says, Turkey is not a war zone, already from there there cannot be any justification for jumping the queue, they die because they try. And they try because people like Miliband promise them things it’s not up to them to deliver, the first safe country rule must be respected, I despise David Miliband, and Renzi and Tsipras. I always knew that the communists don’t respect the laws, feeling wrongly superior to them and this has destroyed the EU, everybody wants to be superior to the law they dislike, Germany about the derivatives and immigration, Italy about immigration, asylum and debts, Greece about debts, immigration and asylum but a bit more than Italy etc. the Commission about Dublin that they want arbitrarily to substitute with a relocation program that must not be accepted because it would kill the european society: muslims do not live like us, Londonistan’s Mayor can go to sleep, only very few muslims who do not live inside the muslim communities really live like westerners, but they must, particularly women, run away from the muslim environment, so I disagree with Merkel, we must not allow the muslim communitites to swell, stop.

But the EU seems to be a basket case because while everybody seems to feel authorized to break the rules they dislike, at the same time accuse the others of breaking the one they like, as if this were even only remotely the rule of law. Ireland and Apple? The same. It’s a basket case, I believe the only way out is therefore the complete cut of the leash, the so called hard Brexit, to return to the good – and quite safe – real Rule of Law.

Remember that this epidemic of not respecting the laws you don’t like and accusing the others of not respecting the ones you simply “prefer” is typical of the people who founded and run the EU: communists, for whom their “cause” is superior to the “bourgeois capitalist state’s laws of the oppression” they talk like this and you have an evidence in the no-borders shouting in front of the swiss borders and also typical of the masons who put shamelessly their private agreements in the lodge, about the banks, about immigrants etc., at a superior level than the written signed state laws. Communists and masons did the EU and the EU is crumbling for this reason, but crumbling completely, it couldn’t last with these “try to trick them and try not to be tricked” low level attitudes epitomized in Kissinger’s, a communist and mason in fact, “what’s illegal we do it now, for unconstitutional it takes longer”. So?

What do you see? Two states are supporting and sticking to the rule of law: Switzerland that does not accept to pull down its borders for two or three italian communists shouting and giving stupid placards – in italian btw and with the typical style of the italian crazy nuts hard leftists – to the black africans they have brought with themselves, on purpose, to try and pull down the swiss borders, not even if they were a third class Julius Caesar trying to pull down a border – the swiss one moreover – with an army of beggars, and an attempt to return to the security of the sovereignty and the rule of law by the Brexiteers, let’s hope for the cut-leash hard Brexit, hopefully quick and soon, you don’t take anything from Brussels: it is a basket case. It’s over, come on.

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