All the Illuminati vote for Killary, George H W Bush his notorious son and the Kennedies. Trump is different, go Donald.

 Notice how they are unmasked, now a Kenendy, supposedly the Left, calls respectfully a top butcher of the republican party “The President” their game is near over, bunch of clowns who pretended to be one against the other…Just like those notorious bitches and pigs of the Kennedies, notorious pigs, pretended to be “good catholics”.

So, all the illuminati families, the fake left aka what’s left of the Kennedy clan, and the fake right, the Bushes, vote Killary, just to please the military establishment that wants more wars and extra bombing of the Middle East and f****g Israel, the sort of little Illuminati state that produces ecstasy and is used by the Illuminati for covering up, in the name of the Holocaust, of illegal trade weapons and drugs, not only trafficking, but even production. The Israelis seem to have the monopoly on the production of ecstasy.

It appears a dreadful image of a rogue state Israel used to empower the military industry, with the excuse of Hamas, with all respect a bit of a little group of beggar terrorists, the USA can give $38 bl to Israel but half of it must be spent to buy US made weapons, it’s actually a triangulation, the american taxpayers have to pay a bribe to the military industry “paying Israel to defend itself from mythical Hamas” which is I repeat a small group of beggar terrorists –  and Israel gives back the money to the american industrial military complex buying all that stuff for its security. Ask yourself why the peace process goes nowhere… I wrote it and I repeat it: they keep the situation like this on purpose to justify the bribe to the military complex. Because of Hamas, but have you see them? Hamas? $38 bl to fight two or three boys gone crazy by the israeli occupation… Vote Trump, if Bush votes Hillary it’s dangerous: they are wicked.

Illuminati unmasked, the game is near over, Trump really does not fit in their group.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend writes on Facebook that former president will spurn Donald Trump for Clinton in November

Source: George H W Bush ‘voting for Hillary’, claims member of Kennedy family | US news | The Guardian

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