The Italian Situation: much more worrying than the german one. Basically near Collapse.


Matteo Renzi

I give you the list of headlines from an italian mainstream newspaper online – just so you know the level of frustration, division, incompetence or sheer traison -:

Italy already abused of flexibility: The pact of stability and growth is not rigid, but a quick fire of money financed with another bit of debt wouldn’t help the economy. Translated this means Renzi is doing like the Greeks, wants to do more debts to “cover” the problems, without solving the conjunctural weakness of the italian economy, until we collapse.

Presents to students and pensioners, the promises to scratch some votes: the idea of Renzi is to select one or  two groups of people, the 18 years old and the pensioners to give them cash money to build a base of voters and basically just for being elected. It is nothing “structural” as they would say in Berlin: you just give money to a sufficient number of voters thinking that they will vote for you. The worst thing of this vice of Renzi’s is that he choses not the poor of the country but a selection of citizens who already have an income and improves the condituions of just those ones.

Top minister in Renzi’s government Maria Elena Boschi booed by the same leftists who are against her constitutional reform: Renzi has recently said he won’t resign even if he loses the referendum about the constitutional reform that no one seems to want but him, even the leftists who are tradionally voters of Renzi’s party boo both him and his top ministers anytime they appear in public, last boos yesterday at the Party’s traditional Fest of the Unity.

RAI’s – the equivalent of the BBC – lefty journalist booed by Northern league’s supporters and has to leave the convention escorted by police: the right wing Northern League voters hate RAI because the pro Right wing Party’s journalists get regularly sacked or removed from the prime time, they can’t stand lefty journalists anymore.

Police officers lament “the government treats us like beasts” they have to deal with immigrants with broken helmets and worn uniforms:  24h shifts and the immigrants – taken by the government ed.notes – can insult them and beat them but the government is always on the side of the migrants. The situation is voluntarily left on the verge of collapse ’cause Renzi wants the f****g migration compact, that is to send the immigrants to Germany, Sweden and UK.

Renzi’s Party gives to the immigrants the goods gathered for the victims of earthquake

I want to be clear, 100% clear: the immigration crisis is not going to end alone because even if Renzi, Alfano and Gentiloni use the wording: “the migrants land to Italy” in reality the exact wording is “Italy and the EU send ships, even the navy, to take the immigrants off the libyan coast” and the more ships you send they more immigrants they take, it’s a transport of migrants. Renzi’s “Kingmaker” Carlo DeBenedetti is a jewish mason, like David Miliband but richer, both israeli and swiss national who’s inside globalist high level ambients that want the transport of black and asian people to Europe, he’s the king maker of Renzi, don’t be fooled.


Ask yourselves why people hate the “Jews” look at Miliband and DeBenedetti: it’s jewish israelis who want to bring immigrants and muslims to Europe while they kill them in Palestine and this is it. They want to destroy us: they are really wicked, all lefty parties who want immigrants to Europe are financed by some Jews, even people friends with Netanyahu and Liebermann who vote Netanyahu-Liebermann in Israel. For them bringing immigrants to Europe is a way to destroy “fucking white christians” and they even say it.

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