Merkel wrong again: “I relied on the Dublin Treaty too long”. No, the Dublin Treaty is Right and moreover Valid. The globalists say the wrong words on purpose, never fall into their trap.


Angela Merkel, some commentators say she admitted to be wrong, but she hasn’t really, she must say she was wrong and the Dublin Treaty is right and rational, btw it’s Renzi and Tsipras who are doing the human traffickers on behalf of the globalists and everybody knows it, they must be arrested for this.

The sentence by Angela Merkel: “I relied on the Dublin Treaty too long” is unacceptable and it is  a clear sign that she is into the group of the committed globalists who try to make you believe it’s the borders and the laws at protection of the borders and national identity and sovereignty that are wrong: you Angela are wrong because you broke it, till Dublin worked there was no invasion, but Renzi, Tsipras, Merkel and Miliband and Co. try to sell the concept that the national borders are wrong so it is good to break them, do never fall into their trap, their aim is to destroy the nation where you live and that’s dear to you. Did you see the communist video the swedish left broadcast? They are saying “forget about Sweden and swedish culture, now your country is a muslim country” this is what Lofven is telling the Swedes and this is why the globalist agenda must never be accepted for no reason, particularly humanitarian, because there lies the trap for christian do gooders.

Chilling video of the “new Sweden” that’s just another muslim country, for that, if you want that, you go to Africa an there’s already many.

Warning: chilling content.

Muslims, chador wearing women talking with a swedish accent that sounds like Soviet Union Propaganda and looking depressive. We don’t want this, and this thing was promoted by a politician and a..NGO, the NGOs must be abolished.

This is why we must all vote Right wing and support Switzerland, ditch the EU and Miliband – also he works for an NGO -, Renzi and their likes, they take money to try and destroy countries in the name of helping, or better making the countries help the poor, they dont’ give any money.


I just checked the unlike button of the chilling above video about the supposed end of poor Sweden because I obviously wanted to unlike it, you have to click three times to have 1 unlike more, youtube’s tricks, no one likes them and they are scared of the millions of unlikes. Unlike it until it appears, don’t give in.

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