The war of the settlements: Jewish settlements in palestinian territories, muslim settlements in Europe, chinese settlements in Tibet. The aim is to destroy a Country


Israeli settlements in the palestinian territories, they behave as if the palestinian territories didn’t belong to the palestinians just like they talk as if Europe didn’t belong to us.

Don’t be fooled by the people who tell you about anti-racism and being all friends and brothers, in reality the forced settlements of a foreign people in a land are meant to destroy that land; it is called “Weapon of mass migration” or the war of the settlements, we Europeans are witnessing the attempt to build so many muslim settlements in Europe that in those places where there are the settlements the typical western european lifestyle wouldn’t be/isn’t possible anymore and the more the settlements augment the more the country crumbles, but we are not first, the chinese government did it against the Tibetan monks – and this is why the good Dalai Lama is on our side, because he experienced it in Tibet – then obviously Netanyahu did it building jewish settlements in the palestinian territories and now we, for the third: muslim settlements in Malmoe, London and Co. It is done against the people who “receive” or should receive the new massive settlements, because they are considered an enemy by the people who push the mass immigration to their lands.

How can Tibetan monks live like tibetan monks with chinese settlements built all around Tibet? How can dutch girls and boys live like dutch girls and boys with all muslim settlements around Holland? Complete with the shameful Sharia Patrols? And as for Palestinians they have a relatively little land and the Israelis build also there.

While it is clear who’s the enemy of the Tibetan monks, that is the chinese government and who’s the enemy of the Palestinians that’s obviously the israeli government, with us Europeans there’s another element of wickedness: the majority of us don’t realize who’s the enemy and the enemy uses inner traitors. While it is evident that the bosses of this push of migrants towards Europe are masons, under the control of Baron Rothschild, in France and Britain and Italy, it is not clear if Israel as a State has to do with it, the main leaders of this human traffic are indeed Jews: Soros, Edmond de Rothschild, but basically all the Rothschild clan not just one and DeBenedetti and they are either only Jews like Soros and Miliband  – though Miliband is absolutely not at the level of Soros – or both Jews and Israeli like Rothschild and DeBenedetti, it’s not clear whether the state of Israel is involved.

If you think that the Palestinians haven’t got to swallow the smooth claim that the jewish settlements in Palestine are “anti-racist” you’re wrong: Netanyahu has the very bad taste of telling them, after basically shooting them in the street that to have jews in a Palestinian neighbourhood is good to get mixed, which is untrue, and builds and builds and builds obviously without the palestinian authorization because he doesn’t recognize any palestinian authority.

Basically the israelis talk as if the palestinian territories didn’t belong to the palestinians, at the UN they talk as if Europe didn’t belong to us or Tibet to the Tibetan monks.

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