I am Italian and I am with You, Switzerland, You are behaving properly, Renzi is a smuggler and these people are clandestine immigrants not refugees. Swiss leads way, migrant crackdown on Italian border

I am with Switzerland, and I am not a swiss-suprematist I am italian and I know that this government of Renzi takes clandestine immigrants and then wants to smuggle them around Europe. Like David Miliband. Switzerland is heroically standing for legality and the rule of Law and the people who help the immigrants rioting are all italian communists who hate Italy and I think they’d like to destroy Switzerland too.

Soros, Rothschild, Renzi, Miliband are just globalists who want to abolish the borders among nations while sucking money from the rich nations and these immigrants are just clandestines who would like to get the same treatment of war refugees: they must and I say must apply for asylum in the first safe country after the one at war wether it be in Africa or Asia. This is the legal agreement, the rest is only human traffick managed at high level. And treason.

SWITZERLAND is the latest country to give up on European cooperation as the government steams ahead with their own plans to clamp down on the migrant influx.

Source: Swiss leads way migrant crackdown on Italian border as EU nations fight with each other | World | News | Daily Express

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