Berlin’ Elections: Turnout 66,9% instead of 51,5% in 2011 and SPD -6,7% CDU -5,5% AfD + 14,2%. It’s not enough: We must become Mainstream the idiots in Berlin still pretend to be scared of “racism”.


Berlin’s elections 2016 results

I am pleased, but to govern, unless the CDU and SPD admit their mistakes, we must go mainstream, it is also possible that they finally admit the open borders policy is neither rational nor sustainable, by now the socialists have chosen to pretend to be scandalized and scared of “racism”, I can tell you it’s just a pose, they’re not so naive. While at least Theresa May seems to be going to the UN conference about immigration and refugees to close the doors of Europe and state that it’s the first safe country, not Britain or Sweden, that must deal with the asylum request, the will to move to Britain or Sweden is just immigration it is not helping refugees, I hope she wins, too many countries just wave the immigrants towards the North in a cowardly way: war refugee is one thing, immigrant is another and they do not expect the same treat, moreover immigration to Europe must be temporarily blocked not to destroy the tissue of the european society; while the big human traffickers like Matteo Renzi and David Miliband shamelessly try to “place” their own migrants in the rich North of Europe, that’s already under strain, and this only to justify their wages in front of their globalist job-givers, I can tell you the names: DeBenedetti, Soros, Rothschild, the tough stance must be taken: no more immigrants to Europe and repatriate the illegals, Europe cannot be colonized by muslims, we have already problems, they just don’t want to live like us, remember that in Germany the Police told women to wear sneakers to run away better from uncontrolled young migrants, uncontrolled, unchecked, unidentified, they probably cannot even be caught and arrested for they are anonymous around, in this perspective the complain about “racism” of the centre-left is a very low level and cowardly response, I expect even the socialists to wake up and admit the mistakes of this folly of sudden and unmotivated breach of the Dublin Treaty.

Now let’s analyse the results in Berlin, remember that Berlin is a traditionally “lefty and gay” town and that AfD supporters were mobbed, physically harassed and AfD leader Frauke Petry had her car burnt by leftists, this means many people who might have voted AfD were hindered by the lefty mafia, obviously this must end, they call nazis everybody who’s not a leftist: it’s they who are wrong.

The socialists of the SPD basically lost more than Merkel’s CDU, -6,7% they went from around 28,3% to 21,6% while Merkel lost 5,6% but may be ousted from the government, and if you look at the number of seats lost in the Town Parliament it’s more impressive: the socialists lost 9 seats, the CDU 8 and AfD took 25, the turnout difference shows that the Right moves the non voters we are at almost 67% turnout in comparison to 51,5% in 2011.

The Socialists are losing ground elections after elections so the CDU, we must move on and close the borders.

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