Jews who do not comply with the Rothschild’s militarist agenda not allowed israeli nationality or even entrance to Israel.

normanfinkelsteinrtIf you still think Israel is there for all the Jews you are wrong. The Jews like Norman Finkelstein who do not comply with the tremendous militarist and separationist Rothschild’s agenda are not even allowed entrance to Israel and not if, like Norman Finkelstein their parents were really Auschwitz’s survivors. There is something twisted about the State of Israel and we must talk about it. A person with an italian grandfather has the right to apply for the italian nationality independently from his political opinions, he might be hard leftist or hard right wing, if he has the right to the italian citizenship he must be given it, because it is automatic. I also thought the Jews had automatically the right to the israeli nationality if they ask for it and I was wrong, the group of people in control of the israeli state machine can refuse the nationality and even entrance to the Jews who do not comply with Israeli fierce policies.

Norman Finkelstein was refused entrance in Israel.

Remember that this is a country that gives the nationality to rabbis who say openly “non – Jews are like animals” said like this in english, or “to rape white women is a punishment for the Holocaust” “to kill non – Jews is not a crime”, so these people are welcomed and even defended for “free speech” while Irving is in jail. The Jew who questions the Holocaust narrative is refused the israeli nationality, Finkelstein, who’s a powerful communicator said, and I post the interview below: “The Holocaust Museum is like Disneyland, I’m not interested in it” he says it is propaganda to justify israeli killings and policies, and he’s a historian, Jew and his parents were in the real Auschwitz, moreover Finkelstein states that the Holocaust Museum has nothing to do with the real Holocaust and it is organized like a propaganda/indoctrination machine.

A powerful communicator, Jew and historian who says these things is not welcome in Israel, but shouldn’t Israel be for the Jews by default? I mean is there a test of compatibility with the militarist agenda before a normal Jew can have access to it? The people who pay for Israel do they know that non compliant Jews are excluded?

Could Britain for example not give the british nationality to the son or daughter of a british national only because he wants to vote for Corbyn instead of Theresa May? Because I’m afraid this is the level. Watch Finkelstein’s interview:

At this point it is not strange that Israel is reduced like this, they did the selection among the Jews eliminating the ones who would democratize the country and soften the attitudes towards Palestinians, but if Israel is there for the Jews, it should be “automatically” for the Jews, I’m afraid they are selecting people like they’re doing a Reich. It is even ridiculous that the jewish association in London complains about an installation that reproduces the Israeli/Palestinian check point because “it victimises the Palestinians…” it’s the same thing they do continuously with the Holocaust Museum where they victimise the Jews to then ask something more for Israel, more in terms of blood, of guns, of nuclear bombs paid by the americans, of impunity for crimes, it’s their best tool the victimization, I don’t like it, it’s time to drop it completely. And if not all the Jews have the right to go to Israel I don’t see why Britain and the US should pay for it, like this, outside of any metaphor you are just paying for Rothschild to have his private army of indoctrinated psychopaths.

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