NSA gave/gives secret information about US citizens to…Israel Edward Snowden’s leaked file; Israel killed…syrian official another Edward Snowden’s leaked file, thank you Edward

Putin is protecting him, Chelsea Manning is in prison in America and claims to be a woman, I imagine how did they convince him, but Edward Snowden is the hero of Liberty, his leaked files show Israeli intelligence spying on americans through the very same american NSA, those double nationals that have to be prohibited as an entity. Moreover Israel is conducting assassinations of syrians, also syrian officials, always covered by its double nationals inside the american institutions.

And the Rothschild’s zionists want the head of Edward Snowden…and of Putin and Assad.

Try and guess dear Readers, who’s the bad one?

In the linked article there’s the list of The Intercept’s articles related to Snowden’s leaked files and there’s an incredibly huge number about Israeli spies inside the american intelligence to spy on the very same american citizens and push the american forces to do what Israel wants and they are trying to do the same at EU level with the “shared EU intelligence”  in the end they give all the data to the Israelis that become the superpower of blackmailers and that’s what they call “shared intelligence”, you antisemites!

Antisemite or not, Glenn Greenwald is another Jew, thank you Glenn, I knew your website was worthy adding to the Blogroll… We must get rid of Israel, we must get rid of Israel, we must get rid of Israel and of the double nationals.

Syria to Assad, Putin a friend and Israel and the double nationals the enemy.

Fearless, adversarial journalism.

Source: New Film Tells the Story of Edward Snowden; Here Are the Surveillance Programs He Helped Expose

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