Why I disagree with David Icke about Trump: if life is perception/deception, with Hillary the deception is more and the perception is worse.


I often agree with David Icke, the real alternative, more alternative than this is impossible probably, but I push very much making politics out of our ideas because I am a positivist and I care about reality, nevermind if reality is a perception deception, some perceptions are of pleasure some others are of pain, better organize a life where the perceptions are good. Mass immigration from muslim countries will make the perception of life for many women tremendously unpleasant and I take care of myself, in Pakistan the pakistani men who share ancestry with Sadiq Kahn and his appointed shameful Matthew Ryder integration deputee who are bound to CAGE, ISIS sympathizers and at the same time are supported by Rothschild against Corbyn, they will make women’s life a hell, Sadiq is a coward, he defended burqas and burkini as a right of women while taking votes from muslim integralists who imprison their wifes into a cage life: I prefer Trump, I would prefer Britain First, I am not going to accept a muslim ruling class and it’s not a perception deception it is just a deception; in Pakistan, men are fighting against the abolition of the honour killing: they want to keep the right to kill their wives and daughters, this is Pakistan’s level, this is what Rothschild’s Left is importing to Europe, this is why in Sweden ever since they’re flooded with such middle eastern men rapes and homicides of women soared and the Left in the hands both of Rothschild and Sadiq and Ryder wants to abolish the definition “radical Islam”, Obama and Killary already don’t say “radical Islam”, “muslim terrorists”, just right wing homophobes: are you kidding me?

The black muslim president of the USA, because no christian smells any odour of christianity around Obama, he is a liar, he is on the side of his correligionaries, and brings more muslim immigrants to the USA to strengthen his own group, I strenghten mine.

Hillary Clinton does not represent women, she takes money, again, from Saudi Arabia and plays the feminist defending the third wave dangerously vacuous herpes feminists, the last stage of it, I believe, she’s a methodic liar, bombed Lybia which thing Trump won’t be doing and she’s supported by ferocious jewish pro-Israel associations, though Breitbart that’s also jewish is against her. While you say, David, that Trump is the same, in reality he even risks, like Berlsusconi getting killed because of his proposals of distention policy with Putin, Berlusconi and Trump are rejected by the Illuminati for this reason: Berlsusconi was part of it and Rothschild helped him founding the italian bank Mediolanum, but then, when Berlusconi got very rich, 8 bl euro property, he surrounded himself with bodyguards and private security and started doing what he liked, and this is history, disobeying Rothschild and breaking the plan, this is why Rothschild doesn’t want to forgive him, for him Berslusconi is not an enemy, it’s a traitor, a person who thinks he can “fool” him and so on. Maybe Trump did the same. I’d vote him. Forza Silvio and Forza Donald.

With Hillary the perception for women, since she is going to continue the pro-immigration and anti “racism” agenda will be worse, more muslims, more pakistanis doing actually the muslim terrorists and the muslim terrorists apologists and the Clinton eventual government promoting the prohibition to say radical Islam, like in the lost London, get shocked, it was nicer when it was white christian protestant than it is now as a multicultural shithole, but when white christian protestant bishops declare gay sex, that is taking it in the bottom fucking sodomy a man raping boys, and the bishops declare this is good what do you want? Gay priests destroyed the churches, we’ll move on and be bad. Without them.

Because that’s a bad perception too. Choose the least deception and the best perception: vote Trump and Right wing everywhere. We have no church where to go anymore, Jesus will understand, as for me I was called Paola for Saint Paul: you are wrong and gay sex is mortal sin, like adultery, choose another job.

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