Why everybody’s sick with Sweden’s dogooder’s attitude: The faces of the guys who sell themselves as refugee children in Sweden.

VIDEO: A Swedish reporter goes to Budapest to ask random Hungarians what they think is the right age of some of the migrants who have come to Sweden, claiming to be unaccompanied refugee children.

Source: Teenager? no way!

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  1. What happens when they get sent to school or are adopted?


    • I’m afraid in Sweden many people are scared of saying what they really think and that’s a tragedy and that’s why they need absolutely a Right wing government that abolishes totally the opinion crime; they must be strong, focused on the right wing scene and vote Right, it would be good if the actual centre-left government abolished the opinion crime and gave liberty to the Swedes to complain publicly about how their money get spent, if they did it we would all be happier. You are a child until you are sexually fully developed, those men are sexually fully mature and in a scandalous case the “adopted” child raped a swedish little girl in the family that had welcomed him. All this must end and the sooner the better.

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      • Yes I agree. No one likes this ugly word “racist” but the true racist is one that thinks it is okay for non-whites to rape women. One of the reasons people were so shocked at Brexit was that for too long people were angry at cheap labour coming in from Europe and being unable to compete on equal terms. They daren’t be accused of being racist – but showed it in their secret ballot. I find it dreadful that men abandon their families to war and famine while they come to Europe with big ideals to get money and “fuck Swedish women”


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