Osborne’s back to substitute May for the “Illuminati” want no Brexit and she is not delivering it, but they also want no Grammar Schools.

foto-scacchiBright kids of non rich families? Are you kidding? Oh dear! The end of the world in that strange world that is named UK, and who’s empowering himself out of this classist instinct that makes people even say: “It’s a middle class racket”, racket yes sirs, “it’s middle class – the hated middle class Ed. Notes- who get public school education without paying for it!” and so on? Osborne “and what about the kids who do not pass the 11+?” They’ll die, I am enjoying the fantasy with which they are trying to depict Mrs. May’s Grammar School project as against “equality” while everybody knows now the biggest inequality is the house price and income of the parents and so on. About grammar schools I agreed with Mrs. May and in any case, not to shock children it shouldn’t be obligatory to make the 11+, families may choose whether to do it or not and children can be taught that it’s not the end of the world not to pass it, considering that there are countries where anyone can attend a prep. High School at cost zero if they like to study Latin, some of them say no I don’t like it, to then obviously repent at 18.

The “Illuminati” are evidently only partially happy with Mrs. May: she is not delivering the Brexit, and pretends to believe it’s Brussels’s, even Van Rompuy’s, resuscitated for the purpose, fault; obviously it isn’t, I trust John Redwood more than both May and Osborne: Britain can exit when it likes and flourish outside, Redwood’s plan to simply englobe EU legislation into the UK legislation with a parliamentary act and then communicate to the EU: “We’ve exited and we would rather trade tariff free, if you put tariffs we’ll put them just as well, thanks, guys” and then to emendate the former EU laws one by one only when necessary, is genial, quick, intelligent and honest. So I don’t really trust either Van Rompuy or May, but her Grammar School project may give chances to non rich bright kids and Labour refusal of accepting them on the base of “equality” between bright and non bright kids is not 100% honest.

Osborne comes back, today, to counterbalance May, he’s both against the Brexit & against Grammar Schools, a dream for the Illuminati, but… I don’t know whether the Illuminati this time thought well enough…there is a Diane getting near power… Diane James new leader of UKIP, if they go to new elections to eventually substitute May with Osborne and UKIP gets enough votes they may have to face a half victory that would force them into a Tory-UKIP government or accept the worst nightmare of theirs: Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minster instead of Osborne, to avoid this they’d give into an alliance with UKIP and then there could only be the Hard Brexit. Check mate.

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  1. I thought we had got rid of that dull-eyed shark Osborne, but he’s back and trying to take over the “Northern Powerhouse” that May is trying to put forward. A new base in the North (Yorkshire) and outside of London is a good idea – I will be watching what Osborne comes up with for his friends.


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