This website is Right-wing, it covers the Alt-Right and the Far-Right and it’s got a shameful “weakness” for the Far-Right, Milo’s got a shameful weakness for the Alt-Right but he’s not Alt-Right.


Screenshot of the Red Ice Live about the hot topics “Is Milo Alt-Right or not?”. According to Red Ice he isn’t, but for the Left everybody is  far right extremist….

What do I have in common with Milo? I tell you once and for all: we are right wing with a “shameful” weakness I for the far-right and Milo for the Alt-Right, it’s a “weakness” it’s like when you like a man you are not supposed to, but you like him the same and that’s it.

Obviously Milo is not alt-right, but the point is that the masonic controlled media refuse to even name the political Right, they never say Right-Wing they always say “Alt-Right” in America and “Far-Right” in Europe and they include normal liberals who are merely against mass-immigration and open borders into the pot of the tremendous, dangerous “far right wingers” this because they are scared that a normal right wing government takes over and puts the communist nuts who are imperversating in our governments in their right places, which are in the dustbin of history; if you say “Right wing” people feel safe, protected, if you say “far right” they feel scared, if you say “Alt-Right” it’s about Pepe the Frog or alternativey the Nazis. They are scared of the right wing normality and borders control, the leftists.

I post here an interesting part for free to see of Red Ice weekend warrior’s episode – the full version is for the subscribers only – about Milo and the Alt-Right

We may add: “why are so many people attracted by the far right and/or the alt-right?” Why has it become mainstream, trendy? Because we are scared of Soros, of the lefty invasion of the open borders, Milo knows very well that no matter how much bigot the Right is they’ll never throw him out of a rooftop and that no matter how much about equality the communists, who are the actual left, talk, they’ll never defend him if it’s a muslim harrassing him, he knows perfectly what he’s doing, I also know it, we have been warned against the far right wingers but muslim immigrants do rape more in one month than a group of skinheads in ten years, and the feminists or the leftists they won’t defend us from that, they plot hate speech crimes. So we give into our weaknesses, both Milo and I. Why do I prefer the far-right? Because they look more sportly, more ruthless, the Alt-Right looks more brainy, more serious.

They dare and talk about the jewish lobby and don’t care about being called anti-semitic, it’s not antisemitism: it’s boldness.

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