This website covers also the “Alt-Left”, The Intercept added to the Blogroll. Here’s why.


Screenshot of Greenwald’s section at The Intercept

My Readers, I esteem you are strong enough in your patriotic views not to be deranged by an “Alt Left” website I added to the blogroll, Alt-Left meaning obviously Alternative Left; it’s Glenn Greewald’s “The Intercept” , we live in a period where many people feel or definitely know that a part of the establishment is neither right wing nor left wing, it is just satanic and wants torture and wars, continuously, not for the fatherland and not for justice, but for their own satanic esoteric agenda, which is unfortunately probably true, and for the corporations, the state of Israel and very private little interests which our armies and state-machine should serve instead of serving our country. This masonic-satanic part of the establishment is the enemy. We must not allow them to control our armies and state machines.

Now everybody knows I hate the leftists, but some leftists are not puppets of the establishment, I also supported Corbyn in his fight against an establishment that seemed to want to hunt him like a fox in a fox hunting session. Now The Intercept does give true pieces of information, leaked material and I think you are grown up and patriotic enough even if you read them. I disagree with the opinions often attached to the information but the information is there and it is important, so, I know you’re strong enough not to turn into a leftist only ’cause you read Greenwald’s The Intercept at times.

An example of what I mean this is the article about Zuckerberg meeting Israeli officers to discuss censorship on facebook, I stick to my point of view that facebook is a private company and it’s got the right to set up its values, it is big, but it is not the internet I wrote already two articles about that and I think it’s enough, but the information that Zuckerberg personally talks with an israeli state officer is more than worthy giving and The intercept gives it.

For the rest, Readers, you have so many right wing points of view on my blogroll you may forget the rest of society, I strongly suggest you to check the websites enlisted in my blogroll once per day even only to understand what the hell is going on. Television is owned by freemasonry: they lie while many media outlets are full of disturbing rubbish and at the same time hide and cover the important news.

Well, Glenn, I’ll always be against gay weddings and adoption, but for the rest we’re all sinners, not just you

Wish you well,


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