Apple Vs. EU, Apple is right: the EU wants to apply taxation rules written nowhere.


First they make you sign a treaty that’s quite safe for the member state, like Dublin that saves us from mass immigration or like the one that states that taxation rules and laws, the fiscal sovereignty remains among the prerogatives of the member state, like Ireland for corporation taxes, then, illegally, the Commission passes laws that break or heavily contradict the signed treaties and abuses the powers given to it by the signed treaties outstreching its reach into realms that are under the member states’ sovereignty, here comes the despicable ECJ, the Star Chamber as Ambrose Evans Pritchard calls it, the ECJ is always on the side of the Commission, I don’t even know how these judges are appointed but I imagine it.

It’s not about Apple or the Front National, Tim Cook or Marine Le Pen, it’s about the EU commissioners wanting to be “obeyed”

without given any written law to be signed by the others, add for example the brexit-not-happening scandal, in the Lisbon Treaty Article 50 there’s written clearly that’s the European Council and not the Commission in charge of the deal with the leaving state, actually Juncker talks as if he were in charge and appointed a commissioner for dealing with Brexit; where’s written? Nowhere, where something is written, signed and accepted there’s written differently, so it’s the club of the Prime Ministers of the member states that have to deal with Brexit not Juncker or a commissioner, but they do it the same.

There’s plenty of such examples that it is clear that this is how the EU wants to work, the EU is not simply wrong it is “misconceived”, conceived as an entity to trick member states, also Frontex, sending ships to go and take illegal immigrants in the Med and bringing them to Europe is the precise and I say precise opposite of the Dublin Treaty.

In a normal situation when a parliament or a government or a commission write laws and directives that contradict the treaties or constitution the High Court of that country/entity should block it, in the EU is the opposite the clownery of the European Court of Justice seems not to consider the treaties valid not even a little bit, also the EMS by Draghi broke the treaties, we are much beyond the rule of law and in a very dangerous situation, the more the EU stays in control the more arbitrary it becomes, The brexiteers are doing nothing, May, Hammond and Rudd the three main people in the actual unelected british government are helpers of the EU and all the three: Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Home Secretary are stupid remainers who are blocking Brexit doing other things, also big things, signing pacts for nuclear power with Beijing,  Grammar school project, but beyond the fact that I might agree and do agree with the grammar school project it doesn’t change that Theresa May is not delivering any Brexit, she is taking people for fools and is doing other things like a normal elected PM. While the only thing she was supposed to do is the only thing she’s not doing, as Richard LittleJohn clearly pointed out in an article, at this point it’s better to go the elections.

Add another very bad signal from London: while Osborne’s decision to slash corporation tax was empowering Britain in front of Frankfurt or Ireland, that means the EU, this Philip Hammond abolished Osborne’s corporation tax slashing, to re-empower Brussels and that unpleasant commissioner Vestager, so it won’t be of any help for Tim Cook to move Apple’s european headquarter from Ireland-EU to Britain. They are not doing the interests of their own nation Britain, but of Brussels, the three remainers…

Add another vulgarity by the EU, they say “Apple can pay, for them, they’re so rich this is a scratch”; this is not a legal system just the same, if they haven’t got to pay for the signed treaties thay haven’t got to pay and stop, you, we cannot hang on a system that makes us pay taxes arbitrarily because “we’ve got the money”, they are like those thugs who steal and say “he was rich enough, he doesn’t even notices it”. First, God said: “Thou shalt not steal” He didn’t say “To the rich you can steal” second, this is not the blessed Rule of Law which is basic in a civilized society. They are thugs. This is what I mean when I say the EU is “misconceived”, it is conceived the wrong way:

Frontex breaks Dublin;

The ESM breaks Maastricht;

The Commission handling Brexit in the place of the Council of Prime Ministers breaks Lisbon;

Apple taxation feud breaks…

I could go on like this for such a long list that brought me to think that the only way out is the way out.

I’m not saying Apple shouldn’t pay more taxes, but in reality Apple’s signed pact with ireland is legal and the EU passes laws that break its own treaties and has a High Court that gives always right to the Commission, always, as a modus operandi, and this is why Apple and the Front National are right and the EU is wrong and must be closed. I say closed, you cannot correct that masonic giant. C-L-O-S-E. Get it.

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