New Miss Italy maybe is not really Minister Boschi’s niece, but she’s not beautiful in the face, looks like Antonio Conte and talks with a heavy tuscan accent.


Miss Italy 2016 Rachele Risaliti, people say she was elected because tuscan like Renzi and half of the government and looks like Antonio Conte.

First internet gossip, Miss Tuscany now Miss Italy Rachele Risaliti is the niece of Minister Maria Elena Boschi and tuscan like Renzi and a lot of ministers, included Boschi. Miss Italy was never really a clean fight, very often the italians say it’s never the most beautiful that wins, they make the winner win for political reasons. Personally I don’t know whether she’s really the niece of Boschi but I don’t like her face and really looks like Antonio Conte, sounds stupid, more stupid than the average Miss Italy, and has a strong tuscan accent.

The second arrived was fat.

No Bruni or Bellucci, the real beautiful ones seem to be selected in other ambients.

While the web is already crazy about the Conte’s resemblance:


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