Facebook is not the Internet, it’s a platform on the Internet and it’s got every right to set up its own rules.


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There are two flaws in the attacks on facebook, that are strange because they are basic; people who attack facebook’s policies talk as if facebook were the internet and not a platform on the internet and then, I already underlined it in another post, as if facebook were public property and not 53% Zuckerberg’s and 47% facebook’s employees who have their own style and taste.

I already talked about this neo-communist attitude: not recognizing to the owners the right to set up the style of their own firms and talking about a privately own company as if it belonged not even to the whole of society but to the lefty part of it: so right wing opinions should be banned not to offend the leftists who may feel “uncomfortable” but lefty extremist and very disappointing and disturbing images and views those ones should be freely published. So facebook shouldn’t belong to Zuckerberg and the employees, as it does, and not even to “society” but to the leftists.

They did it already with the BBC and other state-owned broadcasting companies, not last the italian RAI, the leftists have managed to impose their men and women and their strict point of view to these companies without even buying them. Maybe, with a privately owned company, and a powerful one, it will be harder, possibly impossible.

Apart from the ownership issue, what does make them think that facebook is the internet? So they can claim that “facebook is imposing to the world prissy America’s values”? Facebook is not imposing anything, in the best case it is “guiding” also sometimes “leading” or at best “influencing” but not imposing. What facebook does, potentially also other IT experts can do it, because the internet is really for all. But the level of success of google, facebook and twitter is quite difficult to achieve, or rare, so the “leeches” of the Left demand that already successful entities bow to their requests: they are not able to do the job, they are able only to cry and try to get something in change of their shrieks.

Basically it’s the same attitude they’ve got towards western nations, built by pioneers and people with a  definite set of values, the leftists managed to fill them with people who push the opposite values, opposite to the ones that made the West so successful: they don’t appreciate the english way of living, but they want to fill Britain with Sharia patrols, burqas and even Sharia tribunals, and if we tell them “go and live in another part of the world where there are already these things, Britain, like facebook, is not the world, it is a part of it that works well because it’s got its own rules different from yours” they say no, they want Sharia patrols and Sharia tribunals in London and the leftists are on their side, they must be free to destroy London just as facebook. Because they cannot build; without rules you cannot build anything steady and moreover I repeat, if facebook were full of disgusting upsetting or simil porn images it wouldn’t make people feel relaxed, maybe people wouldn’t fall into the trap of staying hour and hour on facebook confessing their worst crimes or wishes or of being “led” by facebook that clearly does psychological experiments on the users.

Why don’t the leftists build an alternative platform with different rules? Because the leftists don’t build, they disgregate, they don’t give the jobs to the best people they give them per quotas, at the BBC a couple of weeks ago they were looking for a collaborator and they didn’t request any skill at all but only that he was ethnic minority and/or disabled, apart that this is offensive towards ethnic minorities, unless you think that being black is a disability, but… you don’t build a successful company with these criteria for job selection, be sated that they give you a space in an already built one.

It’s not entirely the young leftists’ fault, if you consider what they teach in some of the once known as best Universities, gender and race courses and also feminist courses are totally anti-historic, they even invent polls they didn’t do only to push an opinion of the marxist professor that holds the cathedra. What should the students do? Declare the professor a liar? Yes, probably they should and the professors who lie about history they must be sacked, but the students may not know it and where materially can they go to be seriously educated? In this contest Theresa May’s Grammar School project was good, but she’s encountering an astonishing opposition. Many people don’t want to educate well not even the rich kids who can afford the best Universities mind you the poor.

I may show you hundreds of photographs taken in the facebook’s offices: it is nerd, it is not “hot”, it doesn’t want to be hot or less american, America didn’t impose its prissy values to the others it’s the others who went after her ’cause it looked fresh and happy.

If the number of facebook are impressive it is also for the cool fresh look.

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