Chief rabbi of Rome Riccardo DiSegni entered a light quarrel with “the good” Bergoglio and, as a christian, I for once agree with the Rabbi: the Old Testament cannot be wiped out.


Chief Rabbi of Rome Riccardo DiSegni with Pope Francis Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

I am not pro-Israel for the many reasons I explained in the previous posts of this website and if it is for that the Chief Rabbi of Rome always said he has nothing to do with the political “Israel”. As for theology he simply refuses to discuss it with christian theologians, doesn’t make proselytism outside of the jewish families like pretty much all the jewish leaders, shakes hands with both the regular running pope and the president of the Republic and as long as the jewish Easther doesn’t coincide with some general election he’s kind of “sated like this”. He’s anti- antagonistical, mainly because not being interested in proselytism accepts the jews in Italy will always be a minority, over reproduction to surpass the catholics in Italy or the christians tout court doesn’t seem of any interest for them – and I understand it, they should spend their life making children -.

Only once entered a small quickly sedated polemics with Bergoglio the supposedly “good” Pope Francis, the man thanks to whom I am protestant and I know friends of mine who are seriously intentioned to convert to Greek Orthodox, so in reality I agreed, from a christian point of view, with the Rabbi: he Bergoglio and I may add also Justin Welby and Rowan Williams, talk as if the Old Testament didn’t exist, didn’t count: only “charity” exists. They repeat one sentence about charity taken from the New Testament and wipe out the rest; you cannot defend yourselves, you cannot even protect your children, you shouldn’t condemn sodomy, you according to them, should only “help the poor” until becoming a slave of the poor and “welcome refugees”. Order, control, defense nothing matters, charity has become a weapon against the other values. Not that DiSegni expressed his thoughts so brutally as I am used to do, but basically he meant this.

From an interview, the Rabbi says:

“He – Bergoglio ed. notes – re-proposes the idea that with the coming of Jesus the God of the Old Testament has changed: He was stern and vindictive, then He became the God of love. Therefore – DiSegni says – the Jews are justice-obsessive and christians good and merciful. It’s a very old theological aberration, which has remained as a sort of infantile illness of Christianity”.

Then he adds about the difference between jewish integration and refugees integration:

“It’s brutal to say it, but there’s a substantial difference because of the quantity. Even the strongest jewish community, like the french one, counts maximum 300 thousands people. It’s easy to integrate a contained number of refugees. Here it’s about millions,”

“Try and think about those millions people we’ve been talking about and imagine them in twenty years. Can you see a future of pacific cohabitation?”. Source

No, obviously, neither I nor Alex Jones or Nigel Farage can see this pacific cohabitation, there isn’t any yet in Germany, Sweden and Holland etc. Only Renzi is so obnubilated by his own career that sees it, and if he doesn’t see it, his career probably is considered a priority.

But there’s another point in the interview of the Rabbi I want to underline: he says that Bergoglio’s Christianity is dangerous for the Jews. No, Bergoglio’s Christianity is dangerous for the christians, he tries to take off from us the right to defend and to keep the territory, thing that the popes before him absolutely didn’t do, there’s something very dangerous in this request not to defend yourself or your territory, this “obligation to be a martyr” and a martyr for Islam not even a martyr for Christ – he doesn’t want us to convert the muslims, in fact -. I am convinced Bergoglio, but also Welby and Williams are a bit perverted.

Jesus Christ in the New Testament can be very hard against paedophiles and against corrupted religionists and stated that He does not abolish “The Law” that means the Torah and that people are not allowed to say that He does.

Christians in Europe don’t convert to Judaism or to Islam, the temptation is to revert to new-pagan, Judaism is basically for Jews only and christians are attached to Jesus Christ because it’s Jesus Christ that gave God to the Genteels without Jesus we know we’re not welcome, we are “the pagan” it’s Jesus that invited us to the join the fest while Islam prohibits everything that westerners like or appreciate from drinking beer to eat bread and salami or having a girlfriend or a wife that’s not a burden or the mythical “miniskirt” or even a waltz: everything we happen to like Islam prohibits it. I don’t believe that Odinism or returning to the “Mars Pater” of the Romans is an answer or a solution, but Bergoglio is wrong: Christianity cannot mean “take it in that place and shut up”. For me I declared myself protestant because I believe this man is wrong and the Vatican corrupted, this is my interpretation of the Bible:


Old Testament and New Testament in all its beauty, strength and mercy. First you win, then you are merciful.

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