Between Saviano and Salvini I choose Salvini. Saviano is another half Jew pro-Israel who magically turns leftist and pro immigration in Italy.


Matteo Salvini, Roberto Saviano

They’re all the same, jew or half jew, pro-Israel with a sometimes hidden double nationality, friend with Netanyahu who in Europe turn hard leftist and want more immigrants, I believe they are organized and take orders from Tel Aviv and I mean it, Carlo DeBenedetti makes “his” Saviano write on his newspapers, which are hard leftists and pro mass immigration, while shaking hands with all the Likud in Israel; it’s not casual, it’s too many and they do precisely all the same thing.

Now Saviano, author of the unpleasant, for me, Gomorra entered a word fight with the right wing leader of the Northern League Matteo Salvini and he went down pretty hard, calling him disgusting. But Salvini’s got no double nationality, he’s got only Italy, like me, and wants to keep it.

I believe all these lefty jews who take orders from Tel Aviv are put here in Europe to destroy our nations on purpose: they haven’t got a shred of respect for the country and they’ve got their jewish net of protection, there are plenty of these, also Gad Lerner another jew pro-Israel went on italian television to promote mass immigration to Italy and accusing the ones who want a limit, and this, after a christian journalist who wanted limits to the immigration and in any case let also right wing politicians and thinkers talk, Nicola Porro, was sacked and basically substituted with him.

I’m getting tired of all this.

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