On which base, again, are we supposed to consider Israel an ally and not an enemy? – 9/11 Suspects –

On which base are the politicians who want to abolish double nationality the problem, the fascists, and not the solution?

Remember, readers, that “fascist” is just used as a code word for non-leftist by the leftists.

What Israel did is big, but the cover up from inside of the american institutions is even bigger, the boasting about of Netanyahu that what happened is good for Israel is unacceptable, and in any case, the beginning of the solution is to abolish the double nationality and stop financing that little state. Or do you have the Stockholm Syndrome too?

And why should we tolerate to be continuously  under trial for antisemitism – or racism – by the people who keep up our enemy Israel and spy on us? We must not tolerate the accusation of antisemitism and racism anymore and do the right thing, take back control of the territory where to live our western christian culture.

The marxist jews who want to “de-white” the curriculum in western universities come from the same zionist anti-christian damned spring as for the top level, though they send the black in the front line, because they are cowards, I’m sick of them all.

Watch this and be against Israel and the marxist zionist jews – if you want to survive – :

Source: 9/11 Suspects: The Dancing Israelis

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