EU “double personality” disorder goes on: commissioners talk to Erdogan about Turkey’s accession while HC Strache says Austria will veto it. Interview- Video –

If the EU were a person it would have a double personality disorder; the commissioners go on talking as if the member states didn’t exist or didn’t count, the member states exist. Never seen anything like this before, I uploaded this video by HC Strache and did a couple of minutes of subtitling in english, though unfortunately the editor for cutting the clips collapsed and I couldn’t cut it, well the part with subtitles where Strache talks about his and Hofer’s position on Turkey comes at min. 21:42.9 till min. 23:02.7. Also the first two minutes conversation are subtitled, I think at this point I’ll republish the entire interview when I complete it if the editor goes on not allowing me the cuts, but for now I just wanted to give you an idea of the mess this EU is becoming and if you let the commissioners do it can only get worse.

This photograph of Erdogan looming in the background says a lot of how the EU reduced us.


Strache is right, Mogherini is nonsensical, Osborne had promised the Britons Turkey won’t enter the EU in his lifetime, the EU unelected part is totally disconnected from the democratically elected politicians, the only one who reasons is Tusk, but he’s kind of “tolerated” by the globalists.

Add that Erdogan’s menaces of “sending” the refugees is nonsensical just as well, refugees are no soldiers, it’s the same EU that sends ships to take them in front of Africa and Asia and brings them to Italy and Greece to then claim “oh, dear, there are a lot of migrants, more EU!”. They take us for fool. Please in Germany and Austria for now vote FPOe or the equivalent NPD or AfD.

I have to wait for the editor to recover itself or buy another pc. PC as Personal Computer, obviously, God save us from the other….

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