Why are clandestine immigrants supposed to be victims and only the smugglers guilty? As long as they sell themselves for refugees they are guilty and we haven’t got to pay for them.

I’m sick of the lefty idea that the clandestine immigrants are innocent while only the smugglers are guilty, first of all, it’s people who pay the smugglers, lie, skip the queue of normal immigration and then don’t want to work, demand to be settled at our expenses as war refugees en masse: they are guilty.

Guilty of lying;

guilty of wanting to live at welfare state’s expenses;

guilty of skipping the queue of normal immigration.

Not all africans are victims of something and people can be repatriated to Africa, it is a theological misconception to believe that african people are all poor victims, it’s untrue.

We don’t want them in our quarters of town ’cause we don’t want to live in a muslim ambient, we don’t want mosques we are not obliged to pay for them as the leftists ask.

Look at this, France: an entire building set up only for male refugees , the French rebelled, “we don’t want them, where are the children?” where are the vulnerable women? It’s really all men, all clandestine who don’t even want to work, “the humble works that we don’t want to do” and the immigrants are supposed to do, cleaning rooms etc. they are thugs, males, and want to live at taxpayers’ expenses building an antagonistic culture on our territory and the Left is helping them doing this. The problem with the French is that they still are on the defensive “we’re not fascist” they say, but what’s the matter if the leftists, Hidalgo or any other of them call you fascist? Why do you still give any importance to how the leftists call you: they are neo-communists and anti-patriotic “of course” they call you fascist, it’s their language, their jargon, it’s like black people saying “niggas” in the ghetto or calling girls who are perfectly normal “Bit***s” you just haven’t got to go around with people who talk like this.


Manifestation in France

I can’t believe people in Sweden have reduced Sweden into  a ghetto, dangerous for women, dangerous for the Police only not to be unfriended on facebook by the leftists. It’s the leftists who “unfriend you” get right wing and normal, supposedly “fascist”, friends, you make a fuss about it and you are sacrificing that much so an idiot in bad faith doesn’t call you a fascist? We are a lot, everywhere, on facebook or in reality we would have plenty of friends. Be friend with Jimmie Akesson or with Kristian Thulesen Dahl, or with Marion Le Pen, they are better, I can see only nice people on the right, Leif-Erik Holm is nice, I would rather be friend with them than with Anne Hidalgo. We all want the same, we are nice, we are friends.

Your friends look like this:

Go fishing with supporters of Strache or Thulesen Dahl, they are sportly, healthy, don’t take drugs, even look cool, it is you who are making things artificially difficult.

Who wouldn’t want a friend like this? I believe he’s much cooler than a leftist, I can’t believe there are still people that think between losing Europe to a muslim invasion and having mosques all around or vote a Heiz-Christian Strache have any doubt. Go fishing with people who look like this: It’s your friends, i found them for you, look for them on facebook if that’s the case.



She’s your friend Marion, or do you prefer women in a burqa or a burkini?

Right wingers are better and we are a lot, be friends with one another, I dont’ want to be friend with a slutwalk feminist or a burkini feminist, it’s me who refuse them. Marion, Marine, Ann Coulthard and also me, we are perfectly empowered women and we don’t like either the burkini or the slutwalk, the leftists have gone nuts, the professional feminists have no value they have only obedience, because I can tell you, they do obey to someone, slutwalk & muslim immigrants don’t match. And if they don’t understand it…

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