Why should we stand for Israel if Lord Rothschild the father of Israel is continuously acting against us white christians? He doesn’t give a damn about me? I don’t give a damn about him and his Israel. For me they can end up the way they want white christians to end up.

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Editor’s message to Lord Rothschild and why I am on purpose against his Israel. Paola.

Without the mask. Let’s tell the truth without the mask, why are we supposed to care about Israel and the Jews if Lord Rothschild uses all his power to destroy “white christian nations”? All of them, from Lampedusa to Goteborg, from Portugal up until the Ultima Thule, from Greece up to Germany and Iceland “the whites” have to disappear. And it’s always Rothschild pumping money for this destructive campaign against the “whites” with his white ashkenazi jews doing the university professors and lying, and destroying the Universities, places where in America and now even in Oxford they continuously “break the balls” about how bad white privileged are and how we should say sorry for existing, and even, that’s the worst of all, putting black americans against us and teasing the honest black americans who say simply: “not all whites are bad, not all whites are good, end of”. No, the ashkenazi King of the marxist Jews, the founder of Israel the one whose ancestor was promised Israel in the Balfour Declaration, him, his infernal majesty, hates me and plots and puts money to destroy white christian nations and organizes the no-borders and did the golpe to turn away Berlusconi and impose Mario Monti and now the big scafista the human trafficker Renzi; other than plotting 9/11 against the americans who are our friends and brothers, and I don’t give a damn about you and about your Israel. For me they can die. Fuck off. I didn’t hate them for the Palestinians, poor Palestinians, I tell the truth, I hate them for the refugee crisis, as long as it was only for Palestine I even was philo-israeli as my early posts show and I don’t cancel them so they learn backstabbing the europeans, I hate them for the refugee crisis and I tell them in the face I don’t even pretend it’s for the poor Palestine. You wanna help from me? I don’t give you. I’m a right winger. I don’t help people in a robbery particularly when they are robbing me. I hate you and at this point of my life I have the satisfaction to tell you, I don’t pay black people to insult you I can insult you directly. Do I lose Italy? You lose all. I don’t give a damn: this is how you remind me of what I really am. And what I’m doing, whatever I’m doing, the far right, the alt right, the revisionists and the negationists, I’m doing it on purpose. And if you win and I lose Italy to this muslim invasion, to this nauseating gender anthropology don’t you believe it’s over. I’ll look for revenge. This is my message for you: Israel for me can be fucked. And Assad can stay where he is. And don’t you tell me about western values showing me naked men on a pimp ride: I know what my values are, don’t worry, I don’t need you to tell me I remember them well, I’m italian.


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