I wish the repented leftists to join the Right and stand with Berlusconi, Salvini, Gasparri, Brunetta & Co. we must find a good PM candidate and the Right must win.

Rally in support of Silvio Berlusconi

All the leftists who are against the new lefty agenda – aka going and picking up immigrants with Frontex – and the gay weddings might change and join us; the politicians who in the lefty parties were surpassed by the gay pride activists and the pro invasion guys, the PD is owned by Carlo DeBenedetti freemason and israeli and against Italy tout court, like Rothschild for the french Left. Berlusconi is tired, Salvini, Brunetta, Gasparri are good centre-right politicians that I support, in my constituency I voted for Gasparri and I’m quite satisfied with his performance in the italian Senate: he stood against the self-invasion, the use of Frontex and of the Navy to bring more immigrants, the gay adoptions and weddings and was at the family day in Rome, I wasn’t there, but I’m glad my candidate went. Now we must prepare for the electoral fight and try to win as centre right: no invasion, repatriation of the illegals, no gay weddings and adoptions, though no bullying of gay people, exiting the eurozone and the EU and start again.

The Centre-Right was very strong with Berlusconi and won with a very large majority back in 1994, but now Silvio is really tired, we need other people to join and save Italy, the entrepreuneurs could join Forza Italia, I don’t see what else we could do in Italy, there must be a coalition; we could gather also Lidia Undiemi an economist expert in EU damages, people must join the Right to get rid of freemasonry and it’s good also if they are quite wealthy because the masonic judges open files and records to try and stop right wing politicians through processes and wealthy people can pay more lawyers, it’s been since 1992 that the italian judges are behaving in an immoral way, abusing their position to impose their will “raping” de facto the real Constitution and we must form a front. Lately they have declared innocent two human traffickers from Libya ’cause according to them “they were forced into human trafficking by superior causes”. If this is what my Constitution says… every criminal you may say he was forced into crime by superior causes. The problem with the Superior Court is that at that level the only way to stop them when they behave anarchily – they do what they like, end of – it’s the military coup and the italian army doesn’t seem inclined to do it. And why should they? People wouldn’t understand.

A group of strong people, also rich, that can gather and form an alternative to the masonic jewish-israeli led Left could save the situation. I also changed Party, there’s nothing wrong with it, I used to be in the Trade Union for the rights of the workers and voted centre-left, then in the Union and in the left part of the coalition, abortion, gay weddings, gay adoptions, experiments on human embryos and promotion of mass immigration, even illegal as Renzi is doing, had become a necessary part to be lefty, and I obviously moved on. So, don’t be scared and change. You are not abandoning the workers, the Party wasn’t even hijacked it’s we never understood it, we didn’t understand that the PD wasn’t like a socialist party, like a new PSI, it was in fact the continuation of the PCI, the italian communist antichristian party and we were tricked by Romano Prodi and the stupid christians joining it showing off they were church-goers whereas they were all masons who went to church, like Blair, to trick us better. The real heir of the Italian Socialist Party and the Christian Democracy was in fact Forza Italia and co. And the judges were against them the same as they were against Bettino Craxi and the First Republic’s politicians.

Though we must not be confident in the rich ones, we must be confident in God, if powerful people do good things instead of bad it’s better for all. I trust God will save us. Trust with us.

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