Hungary with Viktor Orban and without Euro: GDP +2,6% unemployement -5%. Italy with Renzi and with Euro: stagnation. Greece with Tsipras and Euro: dead. Considerations.


Viktor Mihàly Orban, hungarian flag with the cross on it on the back

I shouldn’t add anything to the title, but that’s it, Viktor Orban’s Hungary, sovereign as for the currency has +2,6% of GDP and -5% unemployment, while Italy and Greece, the slaves of the eurozone and obedient to Brussels are one in complete stagnation the other already economically dead.


Go, Viktor, you’re the best, in everything.

No gay weddings;

No invasion allowed and compulsory quotas of immigrants;

No immigrants behaving like they are owners of the Country;

Keep Soros and his activits in their place, far from the decision room, possibly in jail;

No euro.

And the economy goes.

I have the impression that the more one country is detached or keep distance from Brussels the better. While Theresa May and Elizabeth Truss are making a mockery of the Brexit, at this point there’s no need for another referendum, there’s the need of new general elections and kick the anti-brexiteers out of the parliament, plus controlling that there are no tricks at the ballot box. It was clear ever since they treated Andrea Leadsome like a criminal for just being consequential with the referendum’s result that they wanted to botch it.

The eurozone brings bad luck. And also gay weddings and allowing the invasion of migrants bring bad luck; basically when a country allows the invasion it means the establishment of that country is totally corrupted; have you seen the sex scandal of Keith Vaz? I’ve got nothing against him, but I’ve got the impression that the candidates of the various parties are selected among the blackmailable ones; also Liz Truss, she was a slut, everybody knows it, the people in her constituency had chosen another candidate for the Tories but Cameron imposed Truss, when they are imposed from the height they respond to the height, not to the base because it’s not the base that put them there, the base had chosen differently. It’s oligarchy, not real democracy. In the Labour Party they have Corbyn chosen by the base – democracy – and try to substitute him with another “dyke” a homosexual woman totally owned by the gay establishment, like Vaz. Or like Truss, Truss is not gay but she’s owned by the wicked freemasonry just as well with her curriculum, she wants to substitute the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights, but without leaving the European Court of Justice, but why, if there has to be Brexit? What’s the meaning of still refusing to declare the Superior Court of the United Kingdom as Supreme Court over the United Kingdom’s affairs, all of them?

Basically, the impression is that if you’re too clean they don’t want you, you would disturb them and maybe would do the interests of the people and they couldn’t blackmail you, so better a slut or a sado-maso gay, I’m sorry for Vaz, it may even mean that he refused to comply with something dirt or illegal and was rewarded like this. Do you know how many gay people and even paedophiles Tony Blair inserted into the House of Lords? They have got it against Vaz for some other reason, maybe, I think, he wanted to do something good and was blocked.

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