The german Jews have jumped out again, against AfD.They are boring, they may go to Israel and removing themselves from the country. But they don’t, they don’t like it.


Honestly AfD in comparison to Likud and Israel Home, the actual government coalition in Tel Aviv, are Saint Francis from Assisi, but jewish leader Yoseph Schuster is “frightened”. Nevermind, go to Israel and enjoy Netanyahu if you want to see moderates, we’re not that kind of leftists there are in Israel, in Europe, you know.


Yoseph Schuster, the german jewish leader frightened by AfD, he went telling his fellows in Tel Aviv, at the various Times of Israel they are concerend.

Personally I would have preferred the NPD to be still in parliament, and for the german Jews it’s the same AfD, a party similar to the CDU before Merkel went crazy, for them it’s the same as NPD. It is untrue, I’d have a satisfaction if the NPD won, so they learnt complaining for everybody who’s even a little patriotic. No they don’t want to go to Israel, that would be too good for us, Israel is there to create troubles in the Middle East, not to relieve us of the weight of the jewish communities who would rather fill the countries with muslims who hate them than to accept finally that in Europe there is a christian majority. I learnt not to care about the accusation of anti-semitism when I realized that the jewish lobbies want slaves: you are anti-semitic basically for not obeying them, and if you’re a jew then you’re a self-hater, the world is therefore composed by jews, antisemites, self-haters and idiots, the ones who don’t understand anything and try to go after the jews until they self destroy – anyone there listening in Sweden?-. They detest patriots, but we cannot take all these immigrants in. Let them talk. The jews have Israel if they want to go there but they don’t, they have to stay here complaining about “racism” if they go to Israel they don’t know what else to do because there the “racists” are the jews.


But let’s talk about the elections. What will the NPD do in Berlin? Who knows? Apparently AfD that’s quite a moderate Party, a sort of new Christian Democracy, they just don’t want us to become a minority in Europe and that is good for us, well it took votes to everybody: far right, far left, Socialists, and christian democrats, all, it’s either an ace or a Party perceived as a way to “punish” the established parties that don’t listen to the citizens anymore…that’s democracy…but democracy is antisemitic: it’s the majority that wins, not the minority.

Do your best interest and vote Right, I have the impression and I say it, that Merkel is black-mailed into doing the open doors policy, she was spied on for four years and then suddenly started the open doors policy that had nothing to do with her previous self. She cannot blackmail an entire nation, a continent and basically she shouldn’t be allowed to blackmail her Party. AfD is good enough, I admit I wanted the shock of an NPD victory, in the end, for the jews, we’re all nazis.

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