Dear Peter Foster -Telegraph -, if you really think Nigel Farage is “far Right” you need to buy some Pampers baby dry. For you.

To be an editor for a big newspaper nowadays, in some cases they are honest in others they give me the impression to be either idiots or liars. Peter Foster is probably both. He’s a status quo man, a kind that loves and suffers to defend the establishment, he and his likes “kiss” the status quo, the status quo is mummy, the establishment is dad, Nigel Farage in his mind is already Far right, the nazis, now I want to be clear, if he’s really scared that Farage is a right wing extremist then he needs some Pampers, for himself. Not to piss at night.  I have read all kind of stuff about the political Right; it’s always “far right” it’s always “right wing extremists” no one who wants to admit a shred of difference between let’s say BNP and UKIP or NPD and AfD, it’s all far right in their wicked opinion because so the bourgeois should be scared of voting them, the nazis.

In the morning the jewish german community’s leader pretended to be scared of AfD, and I know he pretended, everybody knows it, now in the afternoon I had to bump into a new article about the danger of Marine Le Pen and again AfD; I take them seriously, they are really scared that Farage is like Hitler, then they can be scared of going to the bathroom alone after midnight not to meet the  bau-man.

– Hungary and Poland both have less than 0.2 per cent Muslim population, yet a recent Pew Research surveyshows that the populations of these two whitest and Christian of European countries are hold the most virulently anti-migrant and anti-Muslim views.

The same phenomenon is observable in Britain, where Clacton-on-Sea, whose population is more than 97 per cent white became Ukip’s only parliamentary constituency in 2015 – a town that has virtually no foreigners but, as I discovered this summer, lives in irrational fear of them.” Peter Foster’s article extract. Maybe Peter, you are scared of Marine LePen, in Rotherham and in other muslim areas of Britain they are scared of muslim gang rapes that you pretend don’t exist and the little girls are scared of denouncing them for not being taken for racist, maybe I, in Hungary and Poland and in Clacton-on-Sea we don’t want to end up like that. So we are not scared of Farage, and if we wait for men/people like you to defend us we think we can expect for help in vain.

Do you want to know what’s the far right, Peter?

According to, let’s take as an example, the italian political history/scene, definite Extreme Right are the NAR or the guys of Ordine Nuovo or New Force. You may say, that’s terrorism, we consider only political parties, then far-right was then MSI because there were the professional rioters, in Germany it had a sense to call the NPD far-right or also the English Defense League or even the BNP for they had the party-skinheads, UKIP is not far right only because Nigel Farage wants to exit the European Union. AfD has no party skinheads and it is not far-right only because they want the international law about refugees and the Dublin Treaty respected, we reached the point that people like you dare and call “far right” the ones who want the signed treaties about refugees and immigrants to be respected, while it’s the open borders theory that’s illegal and far left. Otherwise even Merkel’s party before her open border policy that publicly broke the Dublin Treaty should have been considered far right.

You may say: “I don’t know the things of Italy, for Britain’s civilized average Farage is far-right enough” which is untrue, Britain is not such an angels’ place…and you know perfectly the people and the movements I named you because they all were given protection in the UK when there was the war against the communists.

As an italian I’m angry with people who do like you, because Italy was dragged into its ruin aka the eurozone by politicians and journalists who dared and call fascist saying “fascist” the ones who warned us against joining the eurozone, until they were able to silence them and Italy fell down a spiral of unemployment and recession that cannot be exited until we exit the eurozone, therefore I hate you. Scared of Farage? Poor you, I can’t help it,

buy some pampers baby dry.PampersPant


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