Stop watching television and cool yourself. Do your best interest which is voting right wing patriotic parties, do not let masonic television judge you.


Paris socialist goverenment, socialist mayor.

In Paris they voted socialist and now they have the ex posh quarter of the town, the one that offers flats for 3 million euros each on sale, invaded by a refugee camp like the third world: this is the lefty government, the lefty mayor. Had they voted Le Pen, Front National they would be still almost all white and rich with some black superstar as rich as they in the middle here and there and it would be enough to be considered anti-racist; but no, they had to vote Left and this is what they got -see picture -.

Vote right wing, don’t care about what television says, do not watch it altogether I told you. This morning I happened to see my father watching television and since it was weeks I didn’t, maybe months and I felt very comfortable, cool, open to my own will and not slave of freemasonry’s will, well a couple of news on tv and I understood what the poor tv viewers inflict on themselves: continuous bashing on their being “egoist” for not accepting the invasion by a steering group that’s masonic jewish-israeli, false information about Syria to try and justify the unjustifiable: that they want western armies to overthrow Assad, what they say about Syria is pure lies, they lie.

Well, I don’t suppose that the sophisticated parisians who vote socialist really watch television, sophisticated people don’t have television at home tout court, but evidently their fake friends David, Alexandre and Edouard de Rothschild the jewish israeli owner of Liberation – what a laugh, Libé is owned by israelis, but do they know it in France? Wouldn’t be about time that they woke up? – well like the true bankers they are, they managed to convince them doing the opposite of their true interests, it’s like when they sell rubbish bonds. These Rothschilds must be arrested with all the jewish lobby. I believe they did it, this refugee crisis – because they did it, don’t fool yourself – because they couldn’t really build in Israel what they wanted to be another european country with a jewish majority instead of christian one, but they did a hybrid full of arabs, military and ultraorthodox crazy nuts that doesn’t look western and for rage they decided to kill us, the real West. Edouard de Rothschild is israeli and this is something that cannot be forgotten or forgiven.

Show the guts, French, vote Le Pen, no non Marine, Marine is not enough: Le Pen. And the harder the better. Your jewish “friends” hate you, basically.

The pictures above show you what the socialists, led by the jewish israeli Rothschilds did to Paris.

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