Will Apple finally convince Theresa May to really step out of the EU? While Tony Blair goes around saying they won’t. I can see a big clash of Titans. And the EU will probably crumble.


Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

The Apple story is about to become the real end of the EU. But Mr. Tony Blair, who’s a man of Rothschild’s through Lord Mandelson, still has the duty to go around telling people Britain may not exit. Theresa May waits, Nicola Sturgeon is unpleasant as usual, John Redwood and Jacob Rees Mogg, no matter the suave accent are the real Brexit hawks. The last two are the ones I like more, you must have noticed I haven’t got the inclination to like the “moderates” I prefer the “brave”, ’cause the truth sometimes is not moderate. The refugee crisis is not moderate, the EU is not moderate, Renzi and Tsipras and Merkel who go on taking immigrants and fake refugees, thousands of them, this week even a woman landed who felt sick when she had just arrived to Sicily because she had done a lifting to lose the belly fat before being shipped and paid the smuggler to reach illegally this “Europe” what Udo Voigt calls the “EU-Europe” this shit that has nothing to do with us – well to allow human traffickers in North Africa to select which africans can immigrate to “Europe” and obviously they select the ones who pay them more, is not moderate.

And I’m not moderate too. I like Udo Voigt for the same reasons I like Redwood and Rees-Mogg: they call the devil devil. No, we won’t win this war being moderate, got it?

The interesting article by Evans-Pritchard on the Telegraph of 31 August 2016, yesterday by now, explains how “odd” how strange, how unaccountable, “crooked”  – like Hillary for Trump – the EU is; there are no rules, the rules get changed after they are signed by the competitors and the EU-rules always contradict the poor Treaties, the ones that everybody signed and that don’t count, like Dublin, like Maastricht etc. You must know that that smooth animal of Renzi is breaking Dublin and bringing Italy to the collapse on purpose because the eurocrats want the immigration compact aka to remove from the member states the authority over immigration from outside the EU not only from the inside of it and he, this animal, with Italy in these conditions does it, after the collapse, he thinks, Germany and the other countries will finally take the immigrants and cede to Brussels also the sovereignty about non EU migrants. After the collapse there will be only HC Strache Prime Minister in Austria, AfD-NPD in Germany and Renzi will only have made collapsed Italy. And I told them, the Austrians, the Germans, the Britons: vote right, don’t give in, because they are doing it on purpose. Whatever it takes, now it’s we who say it. They have to stop, and in the end they will.

The Corporation tax feud is basically the same as every EU related feud: the treaties say one thing and the Commission wants to steal the authority to do another and the European Court of Justice gives right to the Commission. Bravo. Will Tim Cook move Apple Inc. to Britain? Will Britain really full exit? With Lord Rothschild’s main-minion, senior henchman the “bravo” of Don Rodrigo, saying “no we won’t, there won’t be any Brexit” shut up and pack his bags? Let’s see. Maybe also Ireland will move away. And it’s two.

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