NPD-MEP Udo Voigt explains how it’s really the EU to have prepared the refugee crisis. Shocking Interview from inside the EU Parliament – Video –


Udo Voigt, member of the European Parliament for the Right wing Party NPD and former President of the same NPD. He left the Presidency when he was elected MEP for lack of time to do both properly.

This interview explains clearly how it’s the EU Commission to have prepared the refugee crisis. They want more immigrants not less. Moreover it is clear that the NPD politicians are normal politicians not Nazi, I really hope the Germans to be grown ups and to vote them, for themselves, for having good order in Germany and for the rest of us europeans.

Udo Voigt and the NPD are a “silver bullet” against the globalists who want the West dead and buried. Please Germans, vote them. I beg your pardon. We must stop the refugee crisis and the invasion of Europe first of all, the rest is secondary, basically if we lose the territory as freemasonry and the Left want us to do  we just won’t be able to do anything anymore.


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