Valls shouldn’t be surprised that there are whites who defend the burkini, ’cause it’s them who are bringing the muslims in.


Manuel Valls who has spanish origins and comes from a catholic-atheist family identifies totally with the values of the Republique while the muslim Minister who has northern african origins doesn’t. The european identity exists. Though it’s white leftists and Jews who pushed for mass immigration from Africa and Asia and for the abolition of the assimilation test before giving the nationality to foreigners.

You shouldn’t be surprised that there are white leftists who defend the burkini, or even the UN, because it’s them who are bringing the muslims in our society and ’cause the real enemy is the Left, Islam is secondary.

The leftists who are pushing for the open borders and bring the muslims in and then don’t want the burkini or burqa to be banned are not muslims: they are christian-born masons controlled by the jewish anti-christian elite. Basically they are doing it coldly because they know the burqa culture would destroy the christian West and the destruction of the christian West is their aim. Things add up. Why should a christian born guy or girl work for freemasonry which is jewish-israeli led?  Well, why should a prostitute work as a prostitute? Why should a mafia killer work as a mafia killer?

Valls did the example of the Marianne, free half naked, and a lefty colleague of his told him not to be “divisive” and his colleague wasn’t a muslim.

Divisive, divisive, yes we are. Jesus Christ Our Lord was: remember what He said in Matthew 32 10 “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.” This is for the “christian” masons who refuse to acknowledge Jesus Christ in front of “others”, first of all Jesus says there are the “others” we are not all one, and He wants we christians to have the courage to acknowledge Him in front of “others” aka Jews, muslims, etc. and then even more drastic:

Matthew’s Evangel:

 33But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in heaven. 34Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bringpeace, but a sword. 35For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.…

let’s keep Europe for us christians, so we have our bastion and no “infidel” can touch us and the people we decide to protect in this bastion, Jesus likes people to be cunning, what do we share safe Europe with all these muslims for? Let’s keep it for us. Vote Right Wing.

The UN mustn’t count anything, at the UN they happen to have it against us. We must better keep Europe, USA and Australia, New Zealand and now also Russia is christian, we have our space, the land was left to us by our ancestors and really to lose it it would be stupid, since it is a sin to make apostasy, in Europe we’re all or up to 97% christians and not to make apostasy is easy, if you don’t make apostasy in some places in Iraq they torture you, not even kill you with a bullet in the head, it would be very difficult to keep straight, let’s keep Europe and offer protection to the other Christians, don’t be silly. How many of us would endure torture? All Saints? We? We know ourselves well, let’s keep Europe for us and make it easy.

We must declare Jesus Christ: yes, we are divisive, we want to keep Europe for the christians, at the UN you are all masons controlled by the jews, if not the satanists, as David  Icke says. The muslims who go to Amsterdam or Cannes to wear burqa and burkini they’re out of track, we thought they would want to live Europe as it is, it wasn’t like this, failed experiment, Valls is saying honest things, it’s about time to state Christianity is the religion of Europe, official, and no, nouns or people who go scuba diving are not like burkini clad women, also if I go to the beach dressed with jeans and t-shirt is not like a burkini, because in 2016 no woman is forced by her parents to become a noun, let’s be serious, I know cases of parents who cried when their daughter told them she wanted to be a noun, it’s not the men of the house forcing them, the burqa is forced by the men of the house to women, after twelve, if not ten, it’s the end of their beauty, they are freer as little girls under ten than as grown up women and in this Valls is right. The people who went on holiday in muslim countries they see the little girls free to play around to swim in a mini bikini and then at a certain age covered up from head to toe and I can’t believe they truly like it or can choose. That’s the point.

And remember well, we will be judged by Jesus Christ aka/and/or the Father – forgive me, I haven’t understood the Trinity very well, but I believe it and I’m not a theologician, in some muslim countries they even kill you for the Trinity, we shouldn’t even talk about letting Europe being colonized by non christian – not by the UN or the anti-defamation league, we renegade Jesus? He’ll renegade us in front of the Father, if the “others” are not christians basically we cannot help it, people who have the mission to convert can do it in safe spaces or do what Jesus told them to do, many of us haven’t been given this mission and a lot of people are irritated if you try to convert them, so the doors of the churches are open they can enter the church and ask the priest or the pastors clarifications about Christianity if they are curious.


Remember well, Islam didn’t build the West. And the muslims are disrupting it from the inside, though it must never be forgotten that the steering group of this disruption is masonic-jewish.

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