Sweden & Gay Rights: the same as feminism, in many areas they just are not applicable as Iraq. The progressive stack is the same as in the USA and muslims are put above gays.

This is the result of the very faithful application of the progressive stack in Sweden, muslims are put above the LGBT, who are put above black who are put above women, straight white men are “the enemy” while the ashkenazi jews, the marxist ones while other jews are against it, wrote it and probably ideally consider themselves on top. Watch the video:

What the angry foreigner doesn’t get, not yet evidently, is the existence of the progressive stack that’s, quite obviously, being obeyed by the tremendously obedient swedish leftists to whatever they are ordered by the headquarter of the Left; the progressive stack is this:

Given that the straight white men are considered the enemy all non straight-white-males must be given priority in everything that’s socially controlled, if the interests of the non white-straight-males conflict this is the order of precedence to follow, I’m not joking, the americans know this is really given to the leftists to obey, written black ink on white paper:

1) Muslims


3) Black, non white ethnicities

4) Women.

The progressive stack seemingly hasn’t got any sense, if not in the perspective of what the marxist jews perceive as oppression, black have been more oppressed than white women, LGBT more oppressed than straight black men and so on, till this, due to historic slavery it could be true, but to put the muslims on top stops making sense in the perspective of real oppression history, and they did it, I repeat written black ink on white paper and it “must” be obeyed,  being the Left a system of order masked as a goody anarchy, in fact if a leftist doesn’t obey the progressive stack and btw defends a woman from a black rapist or a black christian from a muslim, they get sacked, and they know it, so they obey it. The Left is basically a soviet system, the “Soviet” tells them so and they must do so or else: epuration. That’s it, Rothschild doesn’t forgive, it’s like Spectre: “You’ve been wrong for the last time, number 7” and the leftist number 7 gets killed. In some cases methaphorically in others he/she might be hanged under the black friars bridge in some obscure London or if she/he are very rich in Paris.

They have to obey it, this is it. The guardian journalists, the open democracy, open foundation staff they obey it and if they don’t, they lose the job.

What’s the meaning of that progressive stack? The meaning is that it’s not really meant pro- women or pro-gays etc. It is meant as a punishment against white straight males, so the muslims are prioritized over women and LGBT because if there are more muslims white straight males lose authority on the nation: it hurts them more.

Why do the marxist jews hate so much white straight males? They claim for social justice, in reality in Israel the israelis haven’t got to obey this or any other progressive stack and can or even in some cases “must” hate the palestinians, with the risk that in Israel it’s the israelis who want peace with the muslims who get socially punished. If not shot.

The hate for the white straight males is in a sense a wish of the marxists jews to “castrate” other nations, included the arabs in arabic countries, and white straight males in western countries, therefore the promotion of homosexuality and psychocriminalization of heterosexuality or heterosexual attitudes.

The muslims have got a sort of licence to be “macho” or sexist because for now it goes in the interest of the destruction of western nations, destruction that would get blocked if the immigration wave stopped.

The destruction of the western nations through immigration and of the arab countries through bombings is the aim of the marxist zionist jews. And they use the Guardian and the other lefty foundations and press, now it’s Assad “the bad one”, yesterday it was Gaddafi, the day before yesterday Saddam, to accomplish this. I give in that many jews have nothing to do with it, but the existence of the zionist/marxist double faced spectre is undeniable.

The likes of Asa Romson and Lofven or Dan Eliasson?- the worst chief of the police ever probably- Are you really asking me? They take the money and the career promotion and do the job.

In Italy there are mafia killers who take the equivalent of 400 pounds for a homicide. Little thing. A prostitute, if prostitution is illegal, can take in the normal, not upper level, prostitution circle 300 euros for half an hour with a client – where prostitution is legal they take less -.

Asa Romson is an imbecile who became deputy Prime Minister saying that white straight males are the “real” problem of Sweden: she did the job and the client paid. With your security, obviously.

I have a photograph on my computer of a woman killed by rapes, by immigrants in Sweden who gang raped her and I don’t feel like showing it on this website it’s too strong. Dan Eliasson and Asa Romson or Lofven or even the King of Sweden I believe seriously they don’t give a damn: it’s muslim immigrants from Iraq, Afghanistan etc. who rape women because they deem them sluts, whores, rubbish the way they do in the countries they come from and Eliasson is a coward and maybe even a psychopath himself because his job seems to be, more than to grant security to the Swedes, to control that the police officers don’t talk too much, we know it, everybody knows it: it’s muslim integralists who consider women rubbish, the way they consider them rubbish in the countries they come from, the “burqa belt” and rape them for despise and “punishment”. I may say that “Rothschild hates me” in the sense that we or I cannot expect these people to take care of our or my security, you-we must vote right wing parties and honestly when Dan Eliasson resigns “if Jimmi Akesson becomes Prime Minister” we’ll all be happy.

A message from Italy: Dan, go and hang yourself.

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