Our culture is Greek-Roman not Jewish, we stand for free speech and Agorà Debates not for opinion crimes and no-platforming.


Western culture is Greek-Roman-Germanic-Celt, the arabs added the numbers, in the greek origins of our culture the Agorà debate and freedom of speech are fundamental, the jewish community is trying to destroy this: opinion crimes and no-platforming are the killing of the greek logic debate and they are used, sad to say, to gather money for Israel and for the heirs of the victims with the twisted consequence that the more the victims the more money they think they can get.

Add that the same jewish bankers finance the horrible culture of “fighting ableism” which brought to Oscar Pistorius running with healthy runners so destroying the concept of the fight and of the honest competition.

It is therefore obvious that western culture is “greek” in its origins and not jewish, the jewish associations are trying basically to destroy it though single jews may not agree with them they must try not to deny the existence of such real marxist jewish zionist entity.

We stand for the debate and promotion of health and of beauty, they stand for handicapped people to work with healthy people in a contest where they can only destroy the efficiency of the group or basically annul the competition.

In the movie Agorà there’s the same actress there is in the this Denial anti-Irving movie, showing how it’s adamant that the jews do cultural appropriations, particularly the ones who work in Holliwood they live with cultural appropriations they have no culture of their own, of our not their culture and do apply a double standard to themselves and to the others: no freedom of speech about the jews, the holocaust, Israel and abortion, freedom of speech only to bash the christian priests, this is because they don’t understand anything about our western culture. And if they do, they don’t care.

The Irving trial is the beginning of the no-platforming culture, the beginning of the end of rational reasoning, the historian who brought Irving on a trial didn’t debate with him because she couldn’t, Irving was more brilliant, she wanted him in jail. Like the feminists who want anti-abortionists not to participate to the debates because they cannot win, in a real free debate they just don’t prevail, they are Pistorius.

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