Thank you French Court – of freemasons? – for upholding the laicité. By Saudi girls menaced, killed, let burnt because they did not wear a veil, with Love.


Saudi journalist sacked for not wearing the veil.

Ah, the boss telephoned and the high court responded: burkini ban illegal. Amnesty, the jewish ngo is happy now ’cause they think they can say  in the West “It’s like Israel, now” which makes them happy because they are evil and even though we are not building any promised land in any Middle East.


Thank you french court from saudi arabian girls killed, let burnt in a  building because they wore no veil

But even like this I am not sated. The 94% of the French considered the burkini ban good, maybe even the muslim girls who do not want to wear it and may be imposed that horrible thing by their parents or forced-marriage husbands, but there was a powerful 6 fucking % of french, Rothschild probably an the muslim integralists who wanted it, so no freedom for muslim girls who don’t want to wear the veil and have relatives who impose it, the french court was, wrongly, on the side of the muslim integralists. I hope they revert again the sentence because it cannot be proven that the woman is wearing the burkini freewillingly and that it’s not the men in the family who have imposed it. And because the lefty NGOs pro burkini were made by jewish advocates and white feminists, the majority of muslim women stood away from it, maybe in the hope that the ban would take place.

Tell me this, judge, how can you or your white feminists and jewish lawyers prove the muslim woman is freewillingly wearing the burkini? And why it’s jews and white feminists who have to campaign for the lift on the burkini ban? when there’s plenty of muslim girls who tried to get rid of the veil and got punished?

What about lifting the ban on going around with a swastika on your swimwear? Or T-Shirt?

The burqa symbolizes the oppression of women by hardline muslims and as for the bitchy feminists who say like idiots “a woman can choose whether to wear a bikini or a burkini” they’re ignorant of the situation in burqa families and burqa countries and less than 6% of the french population, women are forced to wear burqas by their parents or male relatives.


I hope these bitches, because this is what they are, to meet the muslim sharia men they deserve. This abortionist idiot is campaigning in a bikini for the right to wear the burkini.

I’m waiting for another sentence, the one about the NPD. All these judges smell. It’s the judges that ruined Italy and now they are trying to ruin the rest of Europe, but judges make no laws, they have only to apply them. If the judge does something against the law he/she must be removed, we must make a radical reformation of the judicial system. The judges legalized abortion, gay weddings and burkini all the masonic lefty agenda.  If they are in freemasonry they must be removed, and there are, you bet there are. Many of them smell freemasonry like a three days dead fish. They, who don’t punish rapists, try to block the deportation of illegal immigrants, give family rights to paedophiles who raped their own little girls.. and legalized burqini. We must win the elctions and reform radically the juducial system or it’s better a civil war.


Hope to see you in power, my friends. Really.

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