Sadiq Kahn is vile and Britain First are good. While Kahn defends burkini his voters defend the right to have sex slaves- Video- And why do the Police go after BF or T. Robinson instead of arresting pro-sex slaves imams?

Kahn is a feminist? Don’t make me laugh. His voters and the people he goes around with, apart from the ISIS sympathizers Goldsmith insisted, at his own expenses, to condemn, but he definitely did right, because it’s true, even among his supporters imams who justify sex slaves.


Screeshot of Britain First website’s homepage, their actions are very brave and they talk about real Britain not about an imaginarily happy multicultural Britain.

Britain First’s video a video that’s strangely not on youtube whereas many other things are. I don’t know whether it’s BF’s decision or youtube’s decision.

Now the likes of Sadiq Kahn dare and say “No one can tell a woman what to wear…” Really Sadiq? Go and tell your voters, have the courage to confront the muslim hardliners who voted you about not telling their wives and sisters what they can wear or not.

This kind of actions, going and confront directly the hate preachers, it’s Britain First‘s actions, asking them, not cuddling them like the lefty media. Whereas in any case the white leftists know, because they know it, they can’t get anywhere near a mosque themselves who strip in front of the french embassy – go France, I’m with you – .

The great hypocrisy of the burqa “feminists” they pretend it’s the right of the woman “to wear or not a burkini” but the clue of the answer is in those two little words “or not”. Britain First and Sadiq Kahn, Valls and his education muslim minister – that’s the result of opening to muslims into our institutions btw, get them out of there – they all know in the families where the women wear burqas it’s not the woman who decides it’s the men who do and the burqa is the symbol of submission to the men of the family so, don’t tease me with the burqa-feminism.

Basically to know what’s really going on in Britain you must connect to BF website and the likes, on tv they pict a non existent happy multicultural world where women are “free” to wear burqa and Brexit would bring to … the collapse of the economy – have they apologized for that? The experts of Osborne? Oh, not yet – whereas a saudi arabian girl who dared and appear on the BBC while she was in London without veil was condemned to death in Saudi Arabia. Death sentence if you choose not to wear it, that’s the truth about the feminism of burqa-Islam.

Have the courage to watch Britain First’s videos before talking pro-burkini. Why Sadiq Kahn didn’t condemn his muslim fellows for justifying the atrocity of having sex slaves aka women to be raped continuously? Because he’s a cheap arrivist another careerist and he would have problems in his own community if he did it.

And maybe Rothschild wouldn’t back him the way he did. Or do you think Rothschild backed Goldsmith? No he didn’t, it’s sure for Sadiq Kahn promised two things that come out of the Rothschild’s barrel: The Tel Aviv festival in London – but I’m not sure he’ll be able to do it, his nice community may hang him upside down for anything of the kind – and the vile, backstabbing attack on Corbyn for “antisemitism” the Rothschild’s brand, for the rest, silence on the crimes of the muslim communities, silence on the sex-slaves assertions by the muslims and pro-burkini strange type of “feminism”.

Why, with all these imams pro enslavement of women the Police goes after Britain First and Tommy Robinson and actually hunts wthe BNP (or what’s left of it), then?

Probably it’s masons controlled by Rothschild inside the police.

Remember when three police officers had to resign for they had the card of the BNP? It was illegal, because the BNP is and was a legal Party and it cannot be illegal to be card owner of a legally registered Party. It was the BBC and Rothschild through his tentacles/masons inside the state and the establishment. But the Rothschild-clan maybe likes child rapists and sex slaves. That’s not the problem for for them, for them it’s Britain First the problem: the Patriots.

The solution is…because yes, there is a solution, don’t worry; the establiment must split, the part of establishment loyal to Rothschild must be expelled from the institutions because it works against Great Britain, the other part of the establishment loyal to the official institutions of Britain must “vomit” the Rothschild traitors.

Voting and supporting Britain First or BNP must become normal and socially accepted.

The Rothschilds want, and you can check it reading the press they own:

to legalize Sharia, they do support the movements for the legalization of Sharia and criminalize anti-Sharia movements and actions like Britain First’ ones – always for racism, that’s the only word they know;

to legalize Female Genitals Mutilation as “minor evil” like abortion;

to attack white people generically for simply being white -with the exception of the white jews aka themselves – as they did with the luckily defunct BlackLivesMatter;

to push, till breaking the limit, mass immigration with the aim to crash down christian western states and using their men in the institutions – watch the composition of the High Courts particularly –  to block repatriation for generic long list of human rigths.

All this must end and it will.

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