Burkini is not a diving suit and it does represent radical Islam, but maybe the West is paying the sin for having founded the state of Israel: what you did to the Palestinians is now happening to you.

Burkini is not a diving suit, to go round the beach at twelve on the twelfth of August with 42 degrees all covered is a radical Islam choice. The diving suit covers you basically because underwater it is cold.

But let’s go on.

Why are all these bad things of invasion and taking away the land from us happening to us?

It started by the opening of the doors to mass foreign immigration. The rivers of blood are getting near and we are not yet being allowed to stop them. We are being refused the right to close the door. It’s like a malediction, a superior power against us.


Legitimacy of the State of Israel. Dubious.

Karma or God’s justice: what you did to the Palestinians, to send to them a foreign breed to claim their land on dubious, very dubious ancestry, let’s tell the truth, nowadays jews don’t even know which tribe of real Israel they belong to, with the real possibility that they belong to none of the real Israel, will happen to you: crowds of foreigners will reach your land and colonize it and you won’t be able to stop it. Until you stop Israel. Israel is nothing, it’s all an english masonic construct, the people who claim they are jews, though they are jewish culturally they cannot prove any jewish ancestry. It’s the King of England giving Palestine to his jewish banker who financed his wars, this is the real origin of the state of Israel.

What the king of England did to the palestinians God is allowing it to the anglo-saxons.

The Palestinians have to be subjugated to the jews? You’ll be subjugated to the jews either, the jewish minority has a scandalous power in Britain and USA.

We must revert the malediction, close the doors to mass immigration and reinstate the christian State. There’s another disturbing element in this welcoming-foreigners thing: we shouldn’t convert to christian other people nor colonize their land but we should give them our land where to live their culture because the jewish banker says so. How to revert the malediction: put the jews back in their place, ditch Israel and abandon exit freemasonry. Take control of monetary issueing.

I declare myself anti-zionist. God, give that piece of land to whom You like, I don’t want to have anything to do with it as long as I’m not 100% sure it is the right thing. Moreover, why should Jerusalem be given to people who don’t recognize Our Lord Jesus Christ as Messiah? Why to these people and not to the christians or the muslims? And why are they not let to fight their own wars by themselves? And they are continuously helped militarily bu USA and UK against the local population?

While the jews try to make us feel guilty for the holocaust, in reality God didn’t punish the Germans for the holocaust, Germany wasn’t maledicted by God after WWII, Germany was blessed after the end of the war, Western Germany became a superpower and it was one of the most pleasant countries where to live, God didn’t inflict any bad Karma to the Germans or to the Italians for the holocaust, now they are both maledicted ever since the EU took spaces and they ruined the greek people through the euro-currency.

I’m afraid it’s the masonic EU that rejected both Christ and God, under the wise guide of the jewish bankers and masons – if they are really jews – that brings the malediction, ever since we had our christian Saints officially on the calendars and gave sunday and the christian fests off to all the workers, and didn’t allow gay weddings and embryos experiments  and were basically cool christians we were blessed. It’s the EU, atheist and multiculturalist and pro-gays and basically anti-christian and jewish-led that’s a malediction.

Be careful, the story may not be what the jews want you to think.


How Palestinians are treated in their home.

Let’s pray God that makes us do the right thing, see reality as it is and do well. For Christ Our Lord. Our Lord, because if the jews don’t believe in Christ it’s a fucking problem of theirs not of mine, I would like to know whether the King of England really believes in Christ because let’s tell the truth, why should a supposedly christian King support so much people who in the good and the evil are not christian? And go around saying Our Lord is not Our Lord? If he doesn’t give Jerusalem to the christians, this King, why should he give it, when he could, to the jews? If nothing else, the Palestinians lived there and were arabic population. We christians shouldn’t claim Jerusalem because it would be a bad Crusade, and Israel, what’s Israel? A Star-of-Davidade?

The holocaust? God didn’t punish the Germans after the WWII He punished them now after what they did to Greece, at least as for western Germany, that was in fact christian, while the poor East, that got punished after the war, was in fact atheist. According to the Karmic-law the real sins are not what television tells you.

And Italy?

After WWII the big boom, the fifties, the happiness period started; it finished with the EU.

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