The Burkini Ban is good. Not to let your Country turn into Saudi Arabia – without Oil – in a couple of Decades, we must defend it. The right that our countries remain western.


Burkini ban is good not to let western beaches be transformed into Dubai. Keep the West western.

I am a bit sick of the journalists who invoke Sarko ’cause they don’t want the burkini ban, would Sarko revert the ban? At this point I would still vote Le Pen: the burkini ban is good, it’s occupation of territory by western rules; we have the right to live in western countries, and we have the right to remove immigrants we don’t like and to have a happy Nice and not a Dubai-style Nice. You let do the arabs and the leftists and in a couple of decades, maybe at this speed of years, and they transform our countries into Saudi Arabia without oil. The burkini ban means “no” to radical Islam. No to the occupation of territory by Islam. No to the transformation of the Côte d’Azur into another sad ugly muslim territory. No to the leftists. It means “this is not Saudi Arabia, radical Islam, burqas, women who cannot drive is all stuff that’s not welcome here” the muslims who want to live like that must be forced to go away, they must feel that culture is not welcome.

Obviously the big issue is: we don’t want our countries to become muslim countries we don’t take muslim immigrants and repatriate the ones who haven’t got the nationality yet. What’s happening is an invasion and it is organized in details and Sarko knows it, also Renzi knows it. I don’t want any mosque in Italy I don’t want the trnasformation of my country in something I don’t like and  I believe Trump is right and the leftists are wrong. I’m sick of them, not only I don’t consider them in good faith, I despise them. In Rotherham there’s plenty of little girls raped by muslim men who consider the women who don’t go around in a burqa whores who can be punished by rape and the leftists know it: I despise them, for me they are complicit, because it’s they who brought these people in the West and it’s they who always defend their culture and their way of living. Theirs not ours. I don’t give a damn about the leftists just as I don’t give a damn about the muslims: they are destroying our home, they are saying we have no right to feel at home, no right to the christian state no right to keep territory.

France is more beautiful than a muslim state, don’t you let it transform piece after piece, quarter of town after quarter of town, beach after beach into a damn muslim country.

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